Top 10 Master Data Management Tools

Published on
18/09/2020 04:14 PM
Top 10 master data management tools

Today, data is one of the most valuable assets to a business. In turn, companies must ensure that they’re leveraging the right tools for success. Often, this means investing in data lifecycle management or master data management tools that provide a convenient way to curate, align, and assess data.

What Are Master Data Management (MDM) Tools?

Master data management (MDM) tools are ideal for handling not only structured information but also unstructured, operational, and analytical data. Furthermore, the right MDM solution allows businesses to unlock actionable insights that support more effective decision-making.

MDM platforms offer endless opportunities for customer, employee, location, reference, vendor, and supplier data, among others. So, what are the best master data management tools, and which one is best for your business?

Top 10 Master Data Management Tools

Let’s look at some of the top MDM tools available.


The Informatica MDM is a modular solution that provides end-to-end connections for fragmented systems and information. If you need help aligning your data components for a more accurate, complete, and reliable environment for digital transformation, Informatica has you covered.

Recommended to support everything from customer experience strategies to marketing and sales activities, omnichannel retailing and business governance, Informatica helps brands to get the most from their data. What's more, Informatica offers a full 360-degree view of your business, with access to AI components for immersive suggestions and actionable insights.


Created for businesses that want to drive exceptional business transformations, Ataccama gives you the tools you need to understand your data and your company. In particular, this data curation platform provides solutions for everything from MDM to governance, data quality, and hierarchy control. Ataccama also helps companies with adhering to regulatory guidelines like GDPR.

Additionally, the company regularly hosts events and webinars for people who want to learn more about leveraging their information ecosystem. With features ranging from big data processing to data integration, Ataccama has it all. This service also stands out as one of the most scalable data management tools in the market.


SAS is a well-known name in the data and computing environment. The SAS MDM solution is a state-of-the-art offering, accessed through the larger SAS Data Management console. This multi-domain service provides end-to-end management software that focuses heavily on things like data quality and governance. If you need help making sure that your data complies with the highest standards, then SAS could be the top choice for you.

SAS delivers best-in-class data quality, enterprise-level governance, and data resolution, among other things, from an intuitive user interface. With SAS MDM, you can also unlock trusted, reliable, and unified data for your business transformation strategies.


The TIBCO MDM system is a multi-domain and event-driven solution designed to support businesses in their digital transformation efforts. Created as a simple but reliable way for business leaders to build and maintain a consistent view of customers, suppliers, assets, and more, TIBCO aligns all of your critical data into a customisable environment.

With TIBCO, businesses can de-duplicate, cleanse, and align their data at the same time, building a more accurate source of trusted critical master data. That means that you can make more confident decisions about your business growth based on the information you can trust.


Reltio is an MDM leader, committed to helping businesses boost customer acquisition and retention. With a combination of tools for hyper-personalisation at scale and insight into the customer journey, their offering strengthens connections between brands and clients. With Reltio, you can also unlock the benefits of consistent access to digital data.

In particular, the Reltio solution prevent revenue leakage by giving companies access to data for more customer-centric strategies. The Reltio team can also help businesses with compliance-related matters, such as CCPA and GDPR.


Talend believes in making data clean, accessible, and compliant. As businesses continue to leverage the benefits of data for growth and transformation, Talend supports better data access. With the Talend Data Fabric strategy, you get a unified suite where you can collect and govern information. When everything exists in the same space, it’s easier to ensure compliance, and transform your business.

Talend uses native code generation so you can run your data pipelines more effectively with all providers. As a result, businesses can enjoy a more optimised experience on every platform.


The Oracle brand offers MDM functionality as part of its Supply Chain Management portfolio. With access to the Data Hub Cloud, users of the Oracle system can rapidly govern and align critical data with an intuitive interface.

The complete MDM platform from Oracle contains a host of five different modules to explore, including a product hub, customer hub, site hub, supplier hub, and even a higher education solution. With this comprehensive platform, business leaders can reduce their risk of compliance issues, improve time-to-market, and make more valuable decisions. There’s also access to tools for proactive data governance too.

Stibo Systems

The Stibo Systems MDM solutions provides a great way to improve transparency for growing businesses. Built for your unique needs, Stibo Systems also enables companies to maximise the value of their growing database. In particular, this multi-domain MDM allows you to manage information about customers, products, supplier, employee data, and more. Additionally, you can access features for data enrichment, governance, cleansing, and even sharing, if necessary.

Created to accelerate time to value and improve decision-making, Stibo Systems works with companies from a wide selection of industries and delivers state-of-the-art data results.

IBM InfoSphere

IBM InfoSphere is one of the top master data management tools solution that assists with handling all aspects of your essential enterprise data. Offering accurate and actionable insights, IBM Infosphere helps businesses access instant value from their data. What’s more, you can use the service to align your data strategies with modern compliance and governance demands.

With InfoSphere, business leaders can unlock the power to orchestrate their data throughout every aspect of the information lifecycle. Better still, the highly configurable data framework supports hybrid cloud environments too.

EnterWorks (Winshuttle)

EnterWorks is a multi-domain MDM company. With this solution, businesses can access a central and reliable repository of information. With up-to-date master data consolidated across all applications, it’s easier for any company to transform. What’s more, EnterWorks builds on it’s data management offerings with powerful tools that can help with data governance and quality too.

Business leaders can take advantage of EnterWorks to create a single and reliable point of truth for all databases and systems. It’s possible to easily extract, load, and syndicate content consistently through all environments. EnterWorks even has a specific solution for SAP master data.