Top 10 DDoS Protection Vendors


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The number of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attempts is increasing as companies continue to grow their businesses online. Criminal organisations are discovering new and improved ways to sabotage online groups, often deliberately damaging routers, websites, networks, and components. Fortunately, there are ways for companies to protect themselves against potential attacks. For instance, DDoS protection vendors offer a variety of tools and solutions custom-made to act as an extra layer of defence in the digital world. The question is, which DDoS protection vendors are best for your needs? We’ve put together a list of the top ten companies worth considering this year.

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Project Shield

Project Shield is a very specific solution for DDoS protection, delivered by Jigsaw – an offshoot from the Google parent company, Alphabet. In particular, the service monitors potential attacks on human rights and election websites. With Project Shield, you can filter through potentially malicious traffic using a reverse proxy that sits between your website and the rest of the internet. All connection requests are assessed, and if any request is deemed bad, it’s simply rejected. 

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s DDoS solution comes via Azure. If you’re already an Azure customer, then you’ll be able to enjoy the protection that Microsoft offers with it. The Standard tier is very easy to enable and doesn’t require much hard work. Additionally, Azure doesn’t demand any major changes to your apps, although the standard tier does come with support against application-layer attacks.  With the Azure monitor, you can tap into real-time metrics to see what's going on if an attack does take place. The metrics you access are retained for 30 days and can be exported if you need to study them further.

AWS Shield

AWS Shield is a DDoS solution provided by the tech experts over at Amazon Web Services. You can access the standard tier of protection if you’re already an AWS customer without paying anything extra. This makes AWS shield an excellent choice if you’re already hosting your website with Amazon. The AWS Shield will protect against more transport and network layer attacks when you’re using the Amazon Cloud Front and Route 53 services too.  There’s also an advanced version of the AWS shield available if you feel like you need a higher level of protection. With this, you can benefit from round-the-clock DDoS response teams and metrics that show you the behind-the-scenes details of your attacks. 

IBM Cloud Internet Services

IBM is another company with a fantastic reputation in the digital landscape. With IBM Cloud Internet Services, you get DDoS support as part of a complete package, combined with global load balancing. There’s also access to a full suite of reliability, security, and performance features designed to support your web content.  IBM’s Cloud Internet Services uses leading technology to secure applications and websites from data theft, bot attacks, and other forms of security issues. Plus, you can use the same service to optimise your web app’s performance. 


Cloudflare is one of the most popular companies in the world when it comes to security and protection. The company has data centres across the globe, offering excellent, worldwide support. Every Cloudflare user has the unique option to activate an 'under attack' mode, which protects against even the most sophisticated attacks using JavaScript challenges.  The Cloudflare solution also routinely sits between your site host and visitors to filter your traffic. For those keen to get started, Cloudflare can even provide a free basic package, which comes with access to unmetered DDoS migration. 

Arbor Networks

As one of the largest DDoS migration services on the market today, Arbor Networks (the security division of NETSCOUT) offers a combination of migration techniques and DDoS solutions. Whether you need on-premise or cloud-based protection, Arbor will help you thwart even the most sophisticated DDoS attacks. Powered by advanced hardware and multiple large-scale scrubbing centres, this service can stop the stealthiest of malicious actors.  Arbor's offering makes for great hybrid protection too. The hybrid model has always-on protection with a multi-layer deployment model and a protection system that sits on the edge of your network, keeping you constantly aware of any possible attacks.


For 360-degree protection against all DDoS attacks, look no further than Nexusguard. With this company, you can enjoy in-depth security to protect applications, websites, APIs, and network infrastructures too. Additionally, you can improve user experience by reducing pay loading times and gaining more visibility into your traffic.  The Nexusguard traffic monitoring and real-time performance reports give you a complete overview of your website. Better still, you get all this extra protection and support without having to worry about disruptions, as Nexusguard offers 100% application uptime. 


Sucuri is a company dedicated to complete website protection and support. You can use the brand’s services to secure your website pages, fix potential hacks, and reduce your risk of future problems. The services available from this company include everything from 24/7 monitoring and support to malware protection. You can also get custom assistance after you’ve been the victim of an attack.  The cloud-based Sucuri offering does not necessitate any software installations. What's more, you get access to all the benefits of firewall protection for your websites too. Businesses can even tap into Sucuri for disaster recovery support.

Imperva Incapsula 

Imperva Incapsula offers a choice between on-demand and always-on protection, with a variety of powerful mitigation techniques, a huge cloud-based network, and more. With Incapsula, you get a selection of versatile tools, perfect for protection against application layer and protocol attacks.  As well as a fantastic amount of network capacity, Imperva Incapsula offers an infrastructure complete with 27 global data centres to choose from. The entire framework also operates like a content delivery network, making sure your site remains optimised. 


Neustar’s UltraDDoS Protect allows businesses to maintain their online presence, reduce the risk of theft, and protect their bottom line. With 12+ Tbps of DDoS mitigation, the company's DDoS offering leaves minimal chance for a successful attack. As one of the largest dedicated data scrubbing networks in the world, Neustar makes a fine choice when it comes to protecting your infrastructure. Whether you need cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premise DDoS protection, Neustar has the solution for you.