What is the best strategy for securing enterprise mobile apps?

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As businesses become increasingly digital and mobile, it is absolutely crucial that leaders seek to secure enterprise mobile apps. Indeed, a whitepaper from Arxan Technologies insists that the risk of data leakage or attack has prevented the wide-scale deployment of mobile apps for front-line workers.

The need to secure enterprise mobile apps

It is evident that there are significant advantages to putting sensitive data in the hands of mobile workers. Nevertheless, as the potential for security breaches becomes incredibly risky as this data increases in value.

It is thus crucial that business users are aware of these risks and possess robust security tools. In order for apps to be trustworthy, mobile security tools must have the ability to apply security and management at the individual app-level.

Organisations can also increase their security posture by implementing app-centric security methods. In effect, enterprises can use these tools in conjunction with, or without, mobile device management tools.

Overall, device security allows organisations to be confident that a device will not leak sensitive data. It should also allow authorised users to access data, while eliminating the chance of adversaries tampering with a device.

Implementing a mobile app management strategy

Mobile application management (MAM) supports the deployment of secure, policy-enabled, and managed apps to any device. As the whitepaper notes, "the key to this capability is that it applies additional protection around apps and data that goes beyond the device control provided by MDM."

As a result, this ensures that even the most regulated of industries can achieve a necessary level of app security. MAM products also apply "comprehensive, fine-grained security policies, visibility, and management controls" to individual apps.

This essentially brings apps "under management," which users can apply to in-house apps as well as third party apps. In turn, organisations can take advantage "of a larger app eco-system, while ensuring the appropriate level of security."

By implementing a MAM strategy, businesses can also gain insight into the usage of particular apps. In addition to this, enterprises can ensure compliance among end-users, while driving a "familiar consumer-like end-user experience."

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