By the end of 2019, Gmail had a brilliant 1.5 billion active monthly users. Quickly, Gmail has become the most popular email service provider, and much of this is with thanks to the fact that they keep getting it right.

The latest achievement comes in the form of Gmail's artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool that is scanning email attachments for malicious content. Of course, malicious attachments aren't anything new, but they've been wreaking havoc in the email space for far too long. Google has taken it upon itself to grab malicious attachments by the horns and actively seek out nasty documents.

Given the volume of active monthly users alone, it comes as no surprise that the tool is processing 300 million attachments per week. In particular, it uses deep learning models to continuously identify malicious attachments, including newer styles. This is especially important as, according to Google, 63% of the malicious attachments from yesterday will have changed today.

The tool leverages AI and deep learning to promise a 99.99% accuracy rate. In turn, it's created a much safer email environment for its users, as well as a future-proof solution. We look forward to seeing what the tech behemoth will achieve next.

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