Is SOC-as-a-Service a remedy to the cybersecurity headache?


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One of the largest burdens on businesses today is cybersecurity. In particular, it has become a large, dangerous game of Whack-a-Mole and urges enterprises to keep their wits about them 24/7. However, it is undoubtedly pleasing for many to know that organisations can actually shift some of that burden, thanks to security operations centre-as-a-Service (SOCaaS). Before breaking down the 'SOC', let's firstly pay homage to as-a-Service offerings. Today, it's impossible to miss the abundance of as-a-Service offerings at businesses' disposals, and there are no hesitations surrounding their adoption. Increasingly, enterprises are recognising the cost efficiency and convenience that comes with this business model. In turn, as-a-Service is the natural answer to modern enterprise operations, and in this case, that of cybersecurity.

The service that'll rock your SOCs off

For most organisations, they didn't become the company that they are to fend off cyber attacks. Rather, most businesses exist to deliver on a core mission, but the rife cyber threat landscape often hinders this. Fortunately, businesses can offload cybersecurity to those whose bread and butter it is. Behind every SOC is a group of well-seasoned cybersecurity experts. This team of analysts and engineers will be dedicated to protecting your business. In turn, it's the perfect choice for organisations that feel it is not feasible to build their own SOC for reasons such as financial restrictions. Having said that, SOCs don't need to necessarily eclipse in-house cybersecurity staff; instead, they can work alongside your teams by keeping tabs on your network, while your in-house team focuses on more specific threats. Of course, this presents itself as a lot cheaper than hiring all the necessary in-house cybersecurity personnel. Not only that, but it also allows businesses to avoid the costs associated with hardware systems.

However, the most impressive aspect of SOCaaS is that it is the closest you can get to foolproof, watertight security measures. Different SOCaaS offerings come with various features, but some crop up more frequently than others. For instance, as well as weighing in on the expertise of cybersecurity geniuses, SOCaaS can also leverage machines. In particular, it deploys these for a combination of round-the-clock scanning and monitoring purposes. Furthermore, SOCaaS often comes with security information and event management capabilities, meaning you can enjoy the best possible visibility across your entire network. Whatever the additional features may be, the crux of SOCaaS is evident: more support, less headache. If the saying is 'two heads are better than one', you can guarantee the best for your buck through SOCaaS, which brings together the minds of multiple experts for one mission: to better protect your business.

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