Data is nerve-wracking territory for any business now. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of their data privacy, data security, and their rights thereof. Thus, there is no room for businesses to slip up, as they risk losing significant customer trust. However, damage to reputation isn't all that businesses have to lose; enterprises can face fines, legal ramifications, and disruption to operations too.

This is all with thanks to data's newfound status as the enterprise currency. Now that data is considered a highly valuable asset for companies, priorities have changed. Data handling is now on the minds of the boardroom, but the focus it needs is so significant that it makes it hard to not deviate from the company's bottom line.

The data strategy alone is built of many aspects: security, analysis, storytelling, compliance, and much more. All of these can be overwhelming to handle in-house, particularly as, for many companies, data handling is relatively new territory.

Exacerbating the matter further is the Russian roulette of data breaches, with even the most established of companies falling victim to data breaches. Given how daunting it can be, organisations are increasingly turning to expert help to get them on the right path. Solutions such as Very Good Security (VGS) can do exactly that.

Helping you achieve Very Good Security

Today, the demands of data security necessitates exclusive, undivided focus. VGS will take your data under their wing to ensure that your data collection, protection, and exchange is as secure and compliant as possible. As a result, your business can enjoy lower liability, increased security posture, and compliance achieved in record time.

VGS works by de-scoping your applications from touching sensitive data without making any changes to the code. Not only does it integrate with such ease, but it delivers quickly; you can start with VGS today and become PCI Level 2-compliant tomorrow.

The VGS offering is built on the idea that "you can't hack what isn't there." It stores and collects data in watertight vaults, substituting surrogate values for the real ones. If customers need to access that data, it'll transform it with no extra effort from the customer.

Perhaps best of all, VGS gives you peace of mind by taking on the liability of securing your data. In turn, it eliminates the risk of data breaches and reduces compliance overhead. In today's risky landscape, this is the relief that companies need to continue with confidence.

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