What is the distinction between antivirus and endpoint protection?


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Endpoint security has become a means for enterprise survival in today's threat landscape. What was once a nice-to-have is now a necessity, and organisations simply won't get far without it. Hackers wait at every corner, taking advantage of any and every vulnerability, tipping the attack scales from 'if' to 'when'.

Antivirus is, somewhat controversially, a subset of endpoint security. Deservedly, antivirus could also be considered as an entity in its own right. Antivirus protection does what it says on the tin, protecting endpoints from virus contamination and, in turn, your data. Better still, it encompasses features to keep your organisation ahead of threats and help you achieve compliance, both at all times.

One of the main distinctions is that antivirus protection focuses on single devices, rather than an entire network. However, organisations will always go back to antivirus solutions as they have stood the test of time. Indeed, threats will continue evolving, but there will always be a need for antivirus software, no matter the day or age. Here are some of our favourite offerings on the market.

Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is a good example of strong endpoint protection. As an all-encompassing solution, Avira can protect your endpoints from even the most advanced and persistent of threats. What's more, even though it's a super-powerful solution, it has minimal impact on your server. However, what's especially great about Avira is its flexibility. Remember what we said earlier about fitting like a glove? Avira can do just that for you. Whatever your workstation, Avira will meet you there and provide you with instantaneous alerts and reports.


Kaspersky is non-intrusive offering that keeps all the latest threats at arm's length. This includes threats that constantly evolve, such as phishing. What's more, it even combats cryptomining malware infections to keep your PC performing properly. Kaspersky is also super easy to set up and use, so you can get your peace of mind in no time. Another perk is its password management capabilities, keeping them safe and secure for you. This solution suits users across PC, Mac, and mobile, regardless of the combination.

Panda Security

Offering next-generation digital protection, Panda Security is an obvious choice for our favourite antivirus solutions. Fuelled with their big data and artificial intelligence-driven smart technology, organisations can use it to keep ahead of even new malware. The Panda offering is the antivirus solution of tomorrow; it works as a preventative rather than a fix. More specifically, it detects attacks before they have even happened. What's more, Panda promises to classify absolutely everything, leaving no stone unturned in your systems.

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