Auth0: The Business Balancing Act – User Experience and Security

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For organisations that want to ensure safe, scalable, and efficient access to their services, effective identity and access management solutions are essential. However, ensuring maximum security and maintaining a smooth user experience is a challenge. The more we move into the digital environment, the more each company must focus on these aspects and construct the identity and access management (IAM) programs with the users in mind.

In this podcast, Kris Imbrechts, Regional Director Northern & Southern Europe at Auth0 explains the business balancing act between user experience and security. To begin with, Kris explains the current state of IAM solutions in the market and how organisations are approaching implementation. Further to this, he outlines the build vs buy strategy and the importance of a seamless and almost invisible IAM solution. Finally, Kris looks at maintaining trust in users and the considerations needed for longevity and safety when implementing apps.

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