Auth0: #nodistractions – an eBook

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How does a company create a common product, and become a market leader? How does a retailer open thousands of stores, in multiple countries, during the high street crisis? How does a utility provider thrive in a crowded energy market?

Simple: all of these companies focus on what they do best. No distractions.

Their business strategy is aligned with their technical development. This alignment makes it easier to:

  • Centralise systems
  • Eliminate technical debt and mitigate risk
  • Bring innovations in their products, applications and services to market, faster

However, something as simple as your company’s login box is a great distraction. It is the entry point to your company — and it means you are responsible for your customers’ digital identities.

In this eBook, you will read about organizations — from The Economist Group to Autotrader — and how they approached the challenges of managing and authenticating digital identities while still being able to focus on key business areas.