Top 10 Identity Verification Software (Updated)

Published on
18/09/2020 02:46 PM
Top 10 Identity Verification Software

In today's world where security and privacy are paramount for most companies, any software that provides peace of mind is a valuable investment. Identity verification software is technology that allows companies to secure and protect user and customer information, and ensure its accuracy.

Identity verification tools are beneficial for any organization that deals with digital users and customers, but they are especially important for those in the financial, health, and e-commerce industries. Whether it's credit card processing, banking, or healthcare records, identity verification solutions can help you comply with regulations.

So, how do you begin searching for the best identity verification system? Here is a list of top contenders for you to consider.


Onfido is a an identity verification company that relies on machine learning to support its customers. This state-of-the-art technology uses both biometrics and AI to verify the authenticity of user identity documents on the move. In fact, it can even use selfies to verify people's identities. 

The goal of Onfido is to provide companies with more opportunities to protect against identity fraud and breaches in their business landscape. Currently, the company helps more than 1,500 organisations with exactly that.


Jumio is a trusted Identity-as-a-Service provider and the creator of the Netverify technology. This enterprise-grade software enables companies to reduce the risk of fraud in a world where identity theft is on the rise. With AI technology at its core, the Netverify solution makes it easy to leverage the power of biometrics for customer and user identification. 

With Jumio, you can instantly determine whether an ID is legitimate or manipulated. The service also provides in-built document verification and screening services. If you’re looking for an end-to-end verification option, Jumio has you covered.

ID Insight

ID Insight prides itself on its next-generation approach to identity verification. In particular, the company is committed to helping businesses of all sizes reduce the risk of fraud in the digital landscape. ID Insight combines enhanced address data and information scoring tools to deliver more approvals for companies with less cost.

The solution goes above and beyond some of the standard ID verification products on the market with things like configurable match and predictive scoring. As a result, it's no wonder that some of the largest financial services brands in the world already rely on ID Insight for their identify verification needs. 


IDology is committed to supporting other digital companies which are striving to remain compliant and secure online. Their real-time identification solutions help organisations verify the identity and even age of the consumers on your website and apps. This supports increased revenue, reduced security costs, and higher compliance. 

What's more, IDology is one of the few providers of identity verification tools that allows business to control the ID analysis strategy of their customers on-demand. This means that you can change exactly which pieces of information you need to collect without professional help.


Trulioo is one of the most comprehensive global solutions for identify verification on the market today. In fact, a fantastic 5 billion people and 330 million companies are currently using the Trulioo offering. Through a single and easy to use portal/API, Trulioo can help you with all of your AML and KYC requirements for identification.

The company's mission is to deliver a service that solves the issue of online identity verification in a way that appeals to small and large businesses alike. With Trulioo certificates on your website, you can even highlight your due diligence measures and gain the trust of your target audience.

Mitek Systems

Mitek Systems serves the Identity-as-a-Service market with Mitek Verify, which is now available for mobile devices too. The verification system uses hundreds of AI-based analytical algorithms and biometric data to support next-generation digital identity services. 

Mitek already supports some of the world’s leading marketplace and sharing platforms, including Experian and MoneyGram. The layered approach that the company takes to ID document verification delivers peace of mind like no other service.


Socure provides a predictive analytics platform that works in real time to support your identity verification efforts. The real-time performance is ideal for companies that need to deal with a lot of identity processing in a short space of time. The high-level AI technology from Socure helps to increase automatic approval rates and reduce false positives for brands. 

Furthermore, it uses some of the newest forms of machine learning and social identity data combined together. In turn, Socure delivers one of the most secure and innovative verification systems on the market today.


Acuant is all about next-generation technology. Its trusted identity platform uses patented AI technology to drive better solutions for your customers. This unique platform is brimming with fantastic features, including biometric recognition match with liveness testing. There’s also a host of award-winning products in the identity portfolio. 

You can take advantage of the wealth of features it comes with, including Acuant FaceID for biometrics, Acuant WebID for online information processing, and Acuant AssureID authentication too. What's more, all solutions in the portfolio are omnichannel.

VIX Verify

VIX Verify is a leading identity solution that provides customers around the world with one of the most trustworthy and convenient tools for consumer onboarding and compliance. With verification solutions covering everything from mobile consumers to cryptocurrency, there’s something in the VIX portfolio for everyone. 

This Software-as-a-Service solution is a true end-to-end identity service that combines comprehensive data coverage as well as document and biometric verification to name a few, all delivered through the same flexible platform.


IDNow offers one of the world’s most advanced machine learning-infused platforms for it’s Identity-as-a-Service solution. The platform is optimised for security and performance, enabling enterprises to make security a natural part of the everyday workflow. 

The IDNow technology can verify the identities of more than 7 billion people in real time, from countries all around the world. The brand’s patent-protected e-signing solutions and video identification tools are particularly useful for helping businesses streamline onboarding and improve conversion rates.