CxO of the Week: Ofer Amitai, CEO at Portnox Security


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Ofer Amitai is both the co-founder and CEO at Portnox Security. An expert in the cybersecurity landscape, Amitai has helped the Portnox brand grow significantly over the years, supporting the company’s dedication to providing visibility and control to every user. The Portnox offering is available as both an on-premise and cloud-based solution for businesses that want to be able to see, control, and automate more of their data-based processes.  Portnox was designed to support today’s evolving businesses in a world where things like BYOD, IoT, and forward-thinking technologies are encouraging new styles of work. At Portnox, Amitai not only guides his company, but he also offers support to customers and interested parties around the world through regularly-posted blogs and articles

An Expert in the Security World

Ofer originally co-founded Portnox with his partner and current COO of the company, Idan Kuperman. Ofer is responsible for managing the brand's day-to-day operations. Amitai also helps to set the strategic direction of the brand.  Before becoming CEO, Ofer worked as Portnox's Chief Technology Officer, starting at the point of the company’s inception in 2007. Before bringing the Portnox concept to life, Amitai worked as a Security Division Manager for Xpert. Furthermore, Ofer also has experience working as a Microsoft Regional Director of Security.  Between 1991 and 2001, Amitai put his skills to the test in the Israeli Air Force. For the IAF, Ofer acted as Head of Security and Connectivity Teams. Over 20 years, Amitai has proven himself to be a pioneer and expert in the security environment. During this time, Ofer has guided countless groups to achieve critical business goals. 

Pursuing a Safer World

Since earning his BSC in Computer Science from the Ha’Universita Ha’Petuha, Ofer has consistently pursued a life focused on technology, innovation, and security. Today, he’s a well-respected thought leader, author, and speaker in the network security environment. Additionally, when he’s not helping Portnox grow, Amitai also holds a position as an Executive Board Member for Datanin. 

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