CxO of the Week: Karim Toubba, CEO at Kenna Security


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An expert in the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity and security technology, Karim Toubba is one of the most inspiring minds in the landscape today. Located in California, Toubba is best-known today as the CEO at Kenna Security, a leading brand in the field of risk-based vulnerability management. Kenna Security helps organisations measure and even predict cyber risk, as well as make plans for long-term success.  Since joining Kenna Security, he has used his passion for both security and technology to help drive the organisation forward. Today, the company is known around the world for its commitment to innovation and pioneering problem-solving ideas. 

A Strong History in Technology

Prior to his current position, Toubba spent a number of years in the technology landscape. After obtaining a BS in Environmental Science from the University of California, he took on the position of Technical Support Engineer at NetManage between 1996 and 1997. After that, he had a two-year stint working as the Manager of Systems Engineering in EMEA for Whistle Communications, an IBM business.  Between 1999 and 2003, Karim held a job with Digital Island. Firstly, he acted as Director of Product Management, before becoming Vice President of Product Management. Next, he spent four years with Ingrian Networks as the VP of Product Management and Corporate Strategy. In 2007, Toubba was briefly employed with RedSeal Inc and Atempo as a VP of Product Management, before taking on a new position with Juniper Networks Today, Karim is also a Board Member for the Alternative Family Services Group. His background in technology and solving problems that matter for today’s businesses make him an excellent addition to the board. 

An Incredible Business Leader

Over the years, Karim has lead strategy, product development, and marketing campaigns for large companies and startups around the world. As well as this, he helped to drive the growth of Ingrian Networks. In particular, he assisted the business in achieving more than $22 million in annual revenue during a 30-month window. Additionally, Toubba was responsible for running the $850m services and products group at Digital Island. Toubba has consistently delivered excellent innovation and leadership to the security and technology market. His dedication to creating products that solve real challenges for the modern marketplace helps him to accelerate business performance with a focus on lasting change and sustainability. Karim is also a frequent speaker at events and panels around the world. 

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