Parlamind: The Intersection of AI and CX

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As technology evolves, Artificial Intelligence(AI) plays a pivotal role in a companies Customer Experience(CX). When customers are interacting with a company, the CX is integral and conversational AI can make interactions more flexible. Understanding conversations of end-users means you can automate processes and guide agents to deliver the right answers and services. In this podcast, Jon Arnold of J Arnold and Associates speaks with parlamind’s Co-Founder and CTO, Tobias Lehmann and Olav Vier Strawe, Founder of 4Com.

Tobias and Olav start by exploring the definitions of both AI and CX and how the two can complement each other. They then look at how AI can benefit the contact centre, and also it’s role from an automation and assistance standpoint. Finally, Tobias and Olav relate this to how it will benefit the CX and striking the important balance between the two.

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