Parlamind: Case Study Volders – E-mail Automation for Digital Contract Assistant

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Your customer care strives for better first response time, reliable agent assistance and higher level of automation? Learn more about parlamind Automated Customer Service Solutions for Volders!

Volders is the first digital contract assistant to take care of all aspects of its users’ contracts, from termination to searching for offers to changing contracts and providers.

In customer service the primary goals for Volders were to increase efficiency and reduce the time it takes service teams to process email requests. Against this background, Volders intended to increase productivity and reaction speed through the use of artificial intelligence.

By integrating special algorithms into the Volders ticketing system it was possible to set up fully automated e-mail replies providing customers with an answer within seconds and support agents in their work. In addition an assistive component has also been integrated providing agents with dynamic response suggestions in real-time.

As a result of e-mail automation solutions provided by parlamind Volders customers get faster answers to their questions. This optimizes the user experience, increases customer satisfaction while relieving service teams.