Looker: Harver employs data to transform the modern hiring experience

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Harver, a leading pre-employment assessment software company, enables its customers to transform their hiring process into a digital and fair experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • To meet growing enterprise demand for real-time analytics, Harver leveraged the Looker data application platform to launch Harver Insights, an embedded analytics suite.
  • This product offering enables Harver’s customers to visualize the outcomes and operations of their digital HR transformation at scale through self-service business intelligence and curated, on-demand dashboards.
  • Insights help customer’s bridge common data gaps by ingesting data from adjacent systems in their tech stack, while also providing a rich analytics experience for Harver’s native matching & automation capabilities.
  • With Harver Insights, talent acquisition leaders have been able to scale hiring, reducing the length of the hiring process while handling increased applicant volumes.
  • Since deploying Powered by Looker, Harver was able to provide a best in class purpose built analytics platform for its customers allowing their own engineers to focus on its native psychometric matching and working automation technologies.