Looker: Auto Trader embraces digital transformation and the power of data

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Auto Trader is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace. Originally a print magazine, today Auto Trader is one of the UK’s largest websites. As of January 2020, Auto Trader was the UK’s 16th most visited website, with an average of 50 million sessions per month and 4,000 website interactions per second. When shifting from print to digital, Auto Trader wanted to empower all of its employees to make data-driven decisions, while also surfacing insights to their retailers and consumers. By migrating and centralizing data in the cloud and deploying Looker on top, Auto Trader was able to embrace digital transformation and leverage data for their internal and external stakeholders.

Auto Trader modernized their data stack and moved to the cloud to: 

  • Better manage their extensive amount of data from online traffic and channels
  • Provide internal and external users with the access and insights they craved
  • Meet increased security and privacy requirements