Rapid7: Cybersecurity Target Operating Model KPIs

Published on
04/04/2023 03:39 PM

Is your organization aspiring to become cybersecurity proficient? Creating a plan so that your business can adopt and maintain cybersecurity best practices is a must against the backdrop of global trade and the bad actors that threaten it.

This Rapid7 Cybersecurity Target Operating Model (TOM) guide explores the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you’ll need to measure in order to implement and disseminate cybersecurity practices throughout your organization. Read the guide to learn about:

  • KPIs and critical metrics for cybersecurity teams
  • The personas or departments to which those KPIs align (Executives, SecOps, Marketing, etc.)
  • The various KPI categories and definitions of each
  • How to leverage KPIs to enable cybersecurity maturity

Thorough descriptions of KPIs that support culture and management as pertains to cybersecurity
Download this brief overview to start building an effective TOM and developing KPIs against which it can be measured. Make cybersecurity work for your business today.