Cyera: How ACV Auctions Uses Cyera to Control Sensitive Cloud Data Exposure

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In this case study, Cyera delves deep into how it helped the company ACV gain a full picture of its cloud data landscape, improve its security posture, and optimise its cloud cost. 

ACV’s flagship product ACV Auctions provides a leading digital marketplace for the automotive industry, offering deals and commercial partners with data insight and technology innovations. With ACV Auctions continuously expanding, the data ACV stores relating to dealers and transactions in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud continues to increase, heightening the risk associated with maintaining and securing this sensitive data. 

That’s why ACV chose Cyera’s cloud data security platform to perform a data risk assessment on the ACV Auctions environment to help then establish a baseline and ensure that their security team is poised to respond to incidents where and when they happen. 

Read this case study to learn how Cyera worked to ensure ACV’s security team:

  • Understood the security posture of data across their cloud environments
  • Could identify and monitor changes to the data landscape
  • Received actionable guidance to implement security controls to protect the business