In the rapidly evolving landscape of pharmaceutical research, maintaining robust security and compliance standards is paramount. Veramed, a distinguished player in this industry, faced a unique set of challenges that required a sophisticated approach to cybersecurity. Central to their concerns was the protection of sensitive client data, staff information, and proprietary research, all of which are prime targets in the digital realm. Furthermore, as a cloud-only business, Veramed required a solution that not only safeguarded their data but also provided comprehensive insights into web and cloud usage. This was crucial for proactively defending against emerging cyber threats and ensuring adherence to international security standards.

Censornet's tailored solution for Veramed encompassed two key components: Web Security and Cloud Security through Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB). The integration of these systems offered a multi-layered defence mechanism, significantly enhancing Veramed’s cybersecurity posture. The Web Security component was instrumental in monitoring and controlling web traffic, effectively mitigating risks associated with online activities. It played a critical role in identifying and neutralizing potential threats before they could compromise the network.

Equally important was the Cloud Security solution, which provided Veramed with the tools necessary to secure cloud environments. The CASB framework enabled a more granular control over data access and transfer, ensuring that sensitive information remained protected across various cloud services. This was particularly relevant for Veramed, given their exclusive reliance on cloud-based operations.

The deployment of Censornet’s solutions not only fortified Veramed’s cybersecurity infrastructure but also aligned it with international compliance requirements.

This case study highlights the effectiveness of Censornet’s integrated approach in addressing the complex security needs of a leading pharmaceutical research company.