Case Study: Sani Marc Saves Big with Zero Networks

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sani marc and zero networks

Microsegmentation is the “gold standard” of preventing lateral movement—the first step towards achieving Zero Trust. But microsegmentation has a reputation for having a hefty price tag and a long, labor-intensive deployment process that often ends up in broken applications. What if full microsegmentation could be achieved quickly and with no hassle, without the high cost? What if a microsegmentation solution could be radically simple to deploy and manage, and actually save your organization money? For Sani Marc, a leading chemical manufacturing company in Québec, Canada, simple segmentation has become reality. They chose Zero Networks Segment™ to protect their network against lateral movement. The result? They were able to achieve full, automated microsegmentation in 30 days, without burdening IT personnel, disrupting normal operational activities, or breaking the bank.