"Use data to avoid Analysis Paralysis" | Brendan Finnegan, Fivetran @ Tech Show London 2023

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Tech Show London has just kicked off in London’s ExCel Centre, and the EM360 team was there to interview business leaders and industry experts about everything Enterprise technology – from AI to cybersecurity to data.  

Yesterday we spoke to Brendan Finnegan, Senior Marketing Manager at Fivetran, about the trends shaking the data industry and transforming data integration and management in 2023.

2023 is all about data democratisation and the cloud

When asked about some of the hottest trends in the data governance space, Mr Finnegan explained that the idea of democratising data and moving data to the cloud are trends everyone seems to be talking about. 

“It's all about how do I get my data into that cloud environment. How do I build that ecosystem out? I have a strategy, but how do I implement it? How do you implement what you actually know?

How do I 'de-siloise' our data and make sure that everyone can participate in that ecosystem and democratise that data? I think that's really, really important. That's a very valuable theme that we're seeing coming out of today and I can tell you that's going to be a clear set agenda piece moving forward," Mr Finnegan told us. 

Organisations must avoid “analysis paralysis”

“I’m not not going to get all the bottom line about this, but it really will help if you determine your bottom line. And again, it's different perspectives and angles. What sales see might be necessary, what marketing sees, what finance sees what, what any of your analysts see.

But if you bring all of that together, take away that silo, get the whole picture in one place and speed up the process. There's nothing worse than analysis paralysis where you're working off legacy data to make a decision that is biased toward one part of the business or another. 

"Bring it all together, be able to make that quick decision, and have the facts to back it up. It means you can make more decisions, you can move up the pace, you can be competitive, you can get to that ROI, but also be in a robust position as a business and not crippled by a decision,” Mr Finnegan explained.