Tech Chat Ep.67: How Trustwave Uncovered GoldenSpy Malware

Published on
23/07/2020 12:45 PM
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How Trustwave Uncovered GoldenSpy Malware

This week’s Tech Chat had us on the edge of our seats as Trustwave’s Brian Hussey explained the company’s uncovering of GoldenSpy malware. The alarming discovery refers to a hidden backdoor embedded in tax payment software, which a Chinese bank requires to be installed if companies want to conduct business in the country.

The discovery has been quite the saga, with more unfolding as the story continues. In this episode, Brian gives us the lowdown on exactly what they found, as well as his thoughts on whether this is a new attack vector that’s here to stay. Brian also shares how he expects to tackle this quickly evolving threat moving forwards. Tune in to this week’s unmissable episode to find out more!