“Manual processes are slowing companies down” | Martin Thunman, Crosser @ Tech Show London 2023

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The EM360 team was at Tech Show London 2023 to interview business leaders and industry experts about everything Enterprise technology – from AI to cybersecurity to data. 

Yesterday we spoke to Martin Thunman, CEO and Co-founder of Crosser about the importance of digital transformation and the critical role of data engineering in the enterprise. 

“Manual processes are just slowing companies down”

When asked about the importance of accelerating the adoption of digital transformation, Mr Thunman explained that when companies fail to digitalise critical processes and procedures, they are ultimately wasting valuable time and resources. 

“We're moving into a world where everything is getting digital and staying with just manual processes is just slowing companies down.

It's creating an increased cost base. So in order to be modern cost efficient and also competitive, companies need to adopt more digital technologies,” Mr Thunman explained.

The huge scale of data can pose challenges for the enterprise

When asked about some of the greatest challenges in the data engineering space and how they can be overcome, Mr Thunman explained that digital processes require a massive amount of integration, creating data engineering challenges. 

“Digital processes and solutions require a massive amount of integration of systems and that's where all the data engineering challenges come. First of all, there is the amount of data that's floating around. So that's a huge challenge in itself. Secondly, you have challenges with data freshness. 

A lot of data integration in the Space has been batch integration, so you do once per day once per hour, once per 10 minutes, but the world is becoming much more event-driven and real-time enabled,” the CEO noted. 

“If you're sending an SMS to a friend, you don't want that to come the next day or after 10 minutes, you expect it to be delivered straight away. Enterprises will face the same challenges and expectations from their end customers. They want it to be instant."