"The Bad Guys are Two Steps Ahead" Piers Morgan | eSentire @ Tech Show London 2023

Published on
10/03/2023 11:21 AM
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The EM360 team was at Tech show London 2023 to interview business leaders and industry experts about everything Enterprise technology – from AI to cybersecurity to data. 

On Wednesday we spoke to Piers Morgan, Vice President of EMEA & International at eSentire, about everything data protection, cybersecurity, and the evolving cyber threat landscape. 

“The bad guys are always two steps ahead” – organisations must stride forward

When asked about some of the greatest challenges companies are facing in defending their assets and infrastructure, Mr Morgan explained that threat actors are launching increasingly sophisticated attacks and organisations are struggling to keep up. 

“We're seeing a lot of organisations who are having some significant challenges within the security market, and how to deploy their security fabric. We, as a specialist, service provider, are obviously assisting with that,” Mr Morgan explained.

“But the challenges are ultimately the same old story, the bad guys are generally two steps ahead. We all read about it in the newspapers every day, in terms of ransomware phishing malware, and the list goes on.

So the biggest challenge is making the networks that they've invested a lot of money in and the applications that run over the networks sounded secure. And we specialise in assisting those enterprise corporations achieving that globally, regionally and obviously in local marketplaces”

“We listen to our customers to identify pain points"

When asked how companies can go about installing that framework into their company and protecting themselves,  Mr Morgan explained that companies must first identify their pain points to better defend themselves against future attacks. 

“The biggest thing for us is to actually listen to the customer. What are their current pain points, speak to their C-level execs, and executives, have they already been breached? 

Are they having a breach now that we can get our incident response teams to react and help them get out of that sticky situation?” Rather than dictating to the customer, ‘this is how you should run your security posture’ – actually listen. As an agnostic customer company, we know that not one Shoe, shoe size fits all.”