Top 10 Data Virtualisation Platforms


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What is a Data Virtualisation Platform?

Data virtualisation platforms offer better insights into valuable data resources, while hiding technical aspects like structure, location, and access language. Data virtualisation solutions can create a logical layer within the enterprise to consolidate information siloed across different systems. This also means you have an environment where you can manage data for better centralized security and governance.

Data virtualisation tools have grown increasingly valuable in recent years, as companies move more of their operations into the cloud, and search for ways to align insights from different platforms. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your data management strategy, you’re in the right place. Here are some of the most effective data virtualisation platforms for 2021.


If you’re looking for one of the world’s leading enterprise data virtualisation solutions, TIBCO has you covered. TIBCO is a Palo Alto data virtualisation solution well-known in the analytical marketplace. The company offers a wide selection of data management and integration tools, as well as a comprehensive virtualisation product. 

With TIBCO, you can easily access and align multiple varied sources of data. You’ll also have the freedom to search through and select from a wide self-service directory of data insights. The tool features orchestrated data layers, as well as advanced query options, and metadata controls.

SAS Federation Server

Ranked among the largest vendors in the data management landscape, SAS provides virtualisation tools to give your company a more comprehensive and central view of crucial data. The federation server is built on top of a data quality management platform, so you can improve, integrate, and govern your data all in the same environment. 

The SAS Data Management environment quickly and easily ingests data sources from various environments, including legacy systems. You can also create rules within your SAS environment which guide the re-use of data points. What’s more, users have the freedom to update data, change processes, and analyse results however they choose.


SAP provides support for cloud and on-premises data integration through a variety of channels. For traditional data virtualisation capabilities, you can go through the SAP Data Services environment. This is a full platform where you can manage your data and access features for integration, data quality management, and cleansing options. 

If you’re keen to explore Integration Platform as a Service features, you can do this with the SAP cloud Platform. The cloud platform integrates data and processes between third-party applications, cloud apps, and on-premises solutions with ease.

Oracle Data Service Integrator

A well-known company in the data and technology landscape, Oracle offers the “Data Service Integrator” for data virtualisation. This environment provides businesses with the option to quickly develop and transform federated data services for single views of siloed information. The Integrator is completely standards-based, as well as equipped to support the reusability of data. 

Oracles offering is among the only solutions on the market offering the creation of bidirectional data from multiple sources. What’s more, with Oracle, you get the option to remove coding through access to graphical modelling.


Denodo sits among the most popular data virtualisation solutions in the world, going above and beyond the standard data environment. The technology, founded in 1999, has evolved to suit the needs of an ever-changing industry. Today, you can sue Denodo for high-performance data abstraction, integration, and management across a range of enterprise, unstructured, real-time, and cloud-based data landscapes. 

The Denodo platform provides access to a unified environment for business intelligence, data insights, and single-view applications. Currently, the Denodo platform is also provisioned as a virtual image option for the Amazon AWS environment.

Data Virtuality

Built for high-performance data virtualisation, and replication, Data Virtuality gives you instant data access when you need it most. This environment gives companies the tools they need to access, manage, and integrate any database and cloud service with a combination of virtualisation processes, and ETL capabilities (Extract, load, and transform). 

The Data Virtuality team also offer pipeline solutions in managed or self-service solutions to suit your needs, and you can access a semantic layer for accessing and modelling data from anywhere. There are more than 200 data sources to choose from and dozens of replication options.


Ranked among the top companies in the world for data insights, Datameer offers a full suite of data integration solutions. Built for agility and transformation in a digital world, Datameer’s flagship product is the Spotlight solution, which offers a semantic layer for exploring, searching, and managing data in a range of environments. 

Datameer brings information together wherever it is, from data warehouses and lakes, to applications, on-premises tools, and cloud environments. There are more than 200 data sources to choose from, and a set of wizard driven ETL technology capabilities to explore too.


Leaders in the data virtualisation landscape, AtScale promises an intelligent way to manage your data on-premises and in the cloud. The OLAP powered Business Intelligence solution ensures that you have a central abstraction layer for all data requirements. This convenient layer shields you from the complexity of combining future and existing data platforms. 

Whether you’re dealing with hybrid environments or multi-cloud architecture, AtScale has you covered, with intelligent technology, fantastic security, and an easy-to-use environment to ensure rapid scalability.


Commended by industry analysts like Gartner, the CData software team created their embedded data virtualisation solution to transform business operations. The CData offering creates a logical layer for data anywhere, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring consolidation through unified sources of information. The solution offers access to data through established standards and platforms. 

CData comes with more than 10 driver and adapter technology options for easier adoption, and more than 200 SaaS and cloud database integrations. All that, and all you need is one simple, SQL-92 interface for managing all your data access in one convenient place.

Actifo / IBM

The IBM virtual data pipeline powered by Actifo is a tool designed to accelerate development and testing environments with virtualised data copies. This powerful solution enables automated test data provisioning, transformation, and orchestration, to accelerate time to value for data-focused strategies. The solution enhances and improves access to and reuse of data for scientists in the digital landscape. 

Users have the freedom to unlock data management capabilities across various databases, applications, hardware platforms, and operating systems. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing all of your data privacy and security requirements are addressed.