Top 10 Website Monitoring Software in 2021

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The best website monitoring software is a must-have investment for companies who don’t want to spend a fortune on downtime issues. A few minutes of lost uptime in today’s competitive market can mean hundreds of abandoned purchases and missed opportunities. 

While choosing the right webhosting solution can improve your chances of a more consistent uptime, it’s also worth having a monitoring system in place. With regular tracking, you can ensure that you’re the first to know when something goes wrong with your network or website. 

Monitoring software can tell you what’s happening with your business site, help you find the root of the problem, and more. So, which monitoring tools are best? Here are some of the leading options available for companies today. 

TeamViewer Web Monitoring

TeamViewer Web Monitoring offers fast and convenient solutions to analyse and improve website performance and enhance customer experience. If you frequently suffer with slow and unresponsive websites, Teamviewer will help you to get an insight into what’s causing your crashes and downtime problems. The clean and easy to use monitoring system comes with graphs and charts to keep track of. 

This product will instantly inform you if your website goes down in any parts of the world, and it shows you how long it takes to load your site pages too. You can monitor transaction performance too, which is crucial if you’re running an eCommerce store. 

Uptime Robot

An easy solution for small businesses with limited budgets, Uptime Robot offers a quick and simple way to begin tracking what’s going on with your website. You get 50 monitors and around 2 months of log history for free. The free service also allows the software to check your website for any issues once every five minutes. 

If you need a more comprehensive solution, the premium version of Uptime Robot might appeal to you. This service gives you up to 20,000 monitors, and checks every minute, so you’re more likely to capture the information you need to stop a network problem fast. The premium plan already supports a range of major brands like GoDaddy, NASA, and IBM. 


Uptrends, part of the ITRS group, is a reliable and effective website monitoring service. Intended to help companies improve the performance and uptime of their servers, websites, and APIs, Uptrends is packed with information. The solution comes with a huge selection of web monitoring services, including application monitoring, proactive testing at 1-minute intervals, server monitoring, and real user monitoring too. 

Popular among leading brands like Microsoft, Zendesk, SpaceX and Bitly, the Uptrends product stands out for its ability to deliver quick and efficient feedback on any issues happening with your website or network. 


Designed to give you a full solution for website monitoring and network tracking, Alertra constantly looks out for any signs of problems with your online presence. The Alertra service is quick and efficient, offering a long-term monitoring solution or a solution for one-stop audits if something goes wrong with your site suddenly. 

You can check things like HTTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, and MySQL to ensure that everything is running correctly, and there’s packages for things like cyber security penetration testing, as well as basic website monitoring too. There’s no contract to tie you down either.

Uptime is a popular and reliable website and network monitoring service that helps you to examine the causes of downtime. The service checks the availability of your site at one-minute intervals from a variety of different locations spread across 6 continents, so you know you’re getting a comprehensive report. Well-known in the monitoring landscape, this solution has a lot of Fortune 500 organizations within its customer base, including Kraft and BNP Paribas. There are also a host of different tier packages to choose from, depending on the features you need. 

Alongside standard monitoring, you can also get real user monitoring, data retention packages, location information, alerts, users accounts and single sign-on security. There’s also access to a free public status page. 


Among the best-known website performance monitoring solutions in the world, Pingdom has happy customers all around the world. This solution supports businesses like Spotify, Salesforce, and Walmart, promoting consistent website performance and availability tracking. Pingdom from SolarWinds available alongside a host of other products that can help you to monitor more of your business. 

This complete monitoring solution combines uptime monitoring with page speed analysis, transaction tracking, real user monitoring and benchmark reports. You get everything you need in one package to make sure that you’re keeping up with the competition and delivering the best experiences to your customers.


With a free account available for beginners that offers checks every five minutes, StatusCake appeals to all kinds of companies. This is a solution intended not just for small organisations, but larger corporations like Netflix and Microsoft too. There are 200 monitoring servers available through StatusCake in 43 countries, and you can enjoy some of the fastest testing intervals around on premium platforms. StatusCake will check your site up to every 30 seconds. 

Aside from frequent testing, StatusCake also offers features like page speed tests, comprehensive domain and SSL monitoring, virus scanning capabilities, reports, and alerts. 


Site24x7 is a powerful solution for website monitoring that helps businesses of all sizes to keep track of their website and network performance. This solution can be either simple or complex depending on your needs, with support for application performance monitoring and infrastructure for monitoring thousands of sites and servers simultaneously. 

The cheapest tier of this product is still comprehensive enough to appeal to a lot of small business owners, with support for up to 10 servers and 10 websites. There’s also access to real user monitoring so you can get better insights into how people are using your website or store. All packages come with a trial period to get you started.

Host Tracker

Host Tracker is an amazingly comprehensive monitoring service for websites that offers various unique features for today’s companies. This fantastic product comes with a host of capabilities to explore, such as SSL monitoring, downtime alerts, uptime reports, and more. You can check if your domain is listed on a blacklist somewhere and get advanced features that show you server load parameters for things like RAM and CPU performance.

Host Tracker can take automatic action to support your website if something goes down, such as pausing Google Ads automatically.  You can also start your experience with a free trial, so it’s easy to get a taste of the features before you pay for a monthly subscription. 


Want an affordable monitoring service? Montastic is a monitoring solution designed to keep teams informed during outage incidents. If anything goes wrong with your website, Montastic can show you where the problem started, and even deliver status pages that you can customise to suit your site. This is the technology trusted by some of the leading companies around the world, including Cisco, Harvard University, Twitter, and IBM. 

Montastic notifies you instantly when your site goes down, and sends you messages when it’s back up and running again. The free version only checks your site every 30 minutes, but the paid plan will allow you to check what’s happening with your content and network much faster.