Top 10 Virtual Assistant Services for 2022


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The world of work is growing increasingly hectic, as customer expectations rise, and businesses face new levels of competition. Unfortunately, an endless to-do list and limited time can lead to countless problems for business leaders, from burnout to unnecessary mistakes. 

If you’re constantly struggling to stay on top of your schedule, a virtual assistant service could be the ideal solution. Designed to match professionals with specialists who can help with various administrative tasks, “VA services” have never been so popular. 

Virtual assistant services can organise your email inbox, improve your calendar, and even arrange travel on your behalf. Here are some of the top virtual assistant services worth considering this year.



A UK-based virtual assistant service promising 5-star performance from every employee you work with, Virtalent is great for growing companies. The experts enrolled with this company can help you with things like diary and inbox management, general admin tasks, event organisation, and even booking your travel requirements.

There are specialists for helping with your marketing efforts too, regardless of whether you’re investing in content marketing, social media, or email marketing. What’s more, you can track down professionals to help with more specific tasks, like recruitment and HR, sales support, and even customer service. The tailored matching process helps you find the right team for your needs.



A reliable and well-known solution for hiring outsourced experts, MyTasker started life in India, but offers support and services from around the globe. The company provides specialists to assist with a range of common tasks, whether you need help with accounting, digital marketing, or content writing. There are even specialists with expertise in web design and development.

Flexible pricing models make it easy to find a solution that works for your budget, and there’s a custom matching and onboarding process to ensure you get the expert best-suited to your needs. You’ll even be able to meet the professional you’re going to be working with before you finish signing up for anything.



One of the top-rated and most reliable virtual assistant services on the market, MyOutDesk helps businesses to save time on crucial tasks. With more than 15 years of experience, the company is already trusted by some of the top corporate brands in the world. The company also offers assistants to help with a range of tasks, from marketing, to service and support, and even inside sales. 

With MyOutDesk, you can access professionals to help you screen your calls and emails, tackle content creation, and manage paperwork on your behalf. The company also offers a range of specialists in different categories, like graphic design, social media management, and loan processing.


Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions is a powerful virtual assistant service provider designed to help companies get more done. The brand offers specialist experts trained in everything from social media management to website creation, and bookkeeping. The solution is highly customised. You’ll start your experience with a sales call, where an agent defines your needs and links to you to the assistant best suited to you.

You’ll then meet with the specialist assigned to your needs, and decide whether they’re right for you before you employ anyone. Belay’s additional services are excellent for accessing unique skills too. For instance, there are content creators to assist with your marketing campaigns, and accounting specialists to help manage your finances.


Okay Relax

Offering assistance with everything from travel plans, to calendar management and appointment calls, Okay Relax is a world-renowned VA solution. The company is committed to helping business leaders reduce the stress in their day-to-day lives. What’s more, all of the professionals available on Okay Relax are thoroughly screened, so you can hire with peace of mind. 

You can terminate your subscription to the service whenever you want, so there are no contracts to hold you down. Plus, Okay Relax prides itself on excellent customer service. If anything goes wrong with your solution, you can rest assured the team will get to the bottom of the problem. Services cover everything from general research, to documentation, inbox management, and job hunting.



One of the better-known virtual assistant services available today, WoodBows offers access to outsourced professionals in offices around India, the USA, and the Philippines. The award-winning platform is brimming with college-graduate professionals with years of experience. Assistants can handle everything from social media management and research tasks to content writing, email, and scheduling. There’s even support for basic bookkeeping.

With WoodBows, you get a dedicated assistant specific to your team, so you don’t have to worry about building relationships with new professionals countless times. There’s also a free consultation service, so you can get an idea of the kind of solutions that might be suitable for you. The flexible plan can get you up and running with a professional within just one day.



Designed for an age where professionals are busier than ever, Prialto delivers top-quality support for a host of business needs. Before you start your work with an assistant, the company will assess your needs and create a custom plan for success. There’s also a fantastic onboarding process where you get to meet the people you’re going to be working with and their teams. 

Services offered range all the way from CRM and campaign management, to document preparation, custom process design, time and task management, and travel organisation. Prialto’s specialists can also offer help with bookkeeping and financial tasks too. The dedicated engagement manager provided to your business when your sign up helps you to proactively develop ways of improving your team’s performance too. 


Fancy Hands

Ideal for companies who need occasional extra help, Fancy Hands is a VA service consisting entirely of US-based experts. The professionals are ready to start working with your team immediately on various challenges, like handling travel requests or managing your schedule. Fast and affordable, the company can deliver all kinds of custom solutions for different business needs. 

All you need to do to get started is submit your request to the team, and you’ll be able to get to work almost instantly. Packages are offered based on the number of requests you might need to make each month. The overall experience is straightforward and efficient, with the option to cancel your subscriptions whenever you choose, so you’re not tied down to anything.


Time Etc

Time Etc offers virtual assistant services in a range of sectors and languages, combined with high pricing plan flexibility and excellent customer support. You can access support from specialists in a range of countries, including the US and UK. Even some of the world’s leading companies have used this solution, such as Google, Facebook, and Virgin.

The services available range from administration and data input to social media marketing and research. All of the VA experts you’ll have access to are college-educated, and many are fluent in different languages too. Thanks to excellent screening processes, you can also rest assured you’ll get professional, flexible support every time you leverage the company’s solutions.



A modern virtual assistant solution perfect for helping companies and professionals scale, Magic places college-educated experts at your fingertips. The professionals offer 24/7 availability, so you know you can access the support you need at a moment’s notice. The team also promises exceptional quality assurance and speed, so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines. 

Magic simplifies the process of hiring quality pre-vetted professionals for all kinds of common tasks, from schedule and operations management, to creating presentations and reports. The professionals here specialise mostly in admin and data-driven tasks. What’s more, you can access a completely curated list of experts to help you with anything you need to accomplish. The service is customised, and signing up is free.