The Top 10 SIEM Tools to Consider in 2022

Published on
16/05/2022 09:24 AM

Security Information and Event Management tools are an important investment for today’s business leaders. The right innovative solutions ensure teams have everything they need to monitor threats, deal with problematic security events, and analyse essential data. 

As the number of threats facing today’s digitally-transforming companies continues to increase, SIEM tools are growing even more essential to the compliance and performance of modern teams. The question is, which SIEM tools can give you the greatest level of functionality and protection?

Today, we’ll be exploring the features and functionality of the top 10 SIEM tools worth considering in 2022. Let’s get started.



A leading provider for companies in search of agile, cloud-based SIEM functionality, Rapid7 ensures companies can unlock flexible security tools capable of matching their budgetary requirements. The solution includes a comprehensive Insight platform rapid data unification, proactive threat detection, and even automated responses, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Rapid7 is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for today’s business leaders. The solution provides a range of powerful forward-thinking features, such as attacker behavior analytics, centralized log management, and automatic ticket creation. Because everything is based in the cloud, you can also rest assured your technology will scale with your business. 



Promising a convenient way to uncover cyber threat intelligence hidden within your business log data, Netsurion helps you to identify the risks and threats to your data and assets at an incredible pace. Powerful SIEM technology and event log management solutions work together to provide business leaders with access to truly actionable data. 

The Netsurion managed threat protection system with SIEM comes with real-time analysis baked in for your proactive security alerts, so you can make intelligent decisions and respond faster. You’ll also have access to a range of customizable reporting features, with in-depth insights into behaviour analysis and threat intelligence.



NetWitness offers an “evolved” SIEM experience which combines Security Information and Event Management with threat detection and response, all in an easy-to-use ecosystem. The comprehensive platform includes access to an advanced analytics workbench, where users can easily triage various alerts and incidents, and orchestrate security operations. 

With impeccable levels of visibility, NetWitness ensures business leaders can conveniently analyse data across a range of packets, logs, and endpoints. There are also extensive insights into people’s behavior, and overviews into the various processes that take place through the network.


Micro Focus

The ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager is a state-of-the-art solution from Micro Focus, intended to help companies with everything from real-time threat detection to in-depth analysis. You can use this intuitive technology to maximise the ROI from your security systems, with ArcSight’s native SOAR technology, already built into the software. 

ArcSight is excellent for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds, with access to distributed correlation, and integrations with a range of machine learning and AI platforms. You can even access a host of accompanying bonus tools from Micro Focus to upgrade your security strategy, such as the “Recon” tool for log management. 



Proof SIEM solutions don’t have to be complex to be effective, Solarwinds empowers companies of all sizes to get more out of their data analysis. The solution allows business leaders to quickly identify and respond to threats, with automatic monitoring so you can watch for suspicious activity at all times. The technology comes with virtual appliance deployment and intuitive UI, so you can start seeing the benefits immediately. 

With exceptional audit report templates already built-in, and various tools for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and more, Solarwinds also ensures you can take your compliance strategy to the next level, with a phenomenal level of insight. 



One of the better-known companies in the security landscape, McAfee offers a fantastic SIEM solution via the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager. The easy-to-use ecosystem comes with a free trial to get you started, and all the actionable intelligence you need to investigate and manage threats. 

With McAfee’s software, companies can unlock simplified operations with an embedded compliance framework and built-in security content packages. There are plenty of tools for continuous visibility and actionable analytics, as well as an extensible and distributed design, so you can connect to the tools your team members use most often. 



An award-winning solution, the Logpoint technology unifies SOAR, SIEM, and UEBA, to accelerate company threat detection and response. The unique solution from Logpoint can easily detect and analyse potential threats, as well as responding to attacks automatically, for faster security investigations and better business resilience. 

Logpoint’s software can prioritise incidents based on risk level, hunt threats for you by looking for common signs of problematic instances, and easily detect unusual behavior. With the AI-based ecosystem, you’ll have no problem cutting down processing requirements and making your business security strategy more bullet-proof. 



Designed to help lean and busy security teams accomplish more in their day-to-day operations, LogRhythm can make any business more compliant and secure. As a Gartner magic quadrant leader for 9 years in a row, LogRhythm delivers one of the most reliable and powerful systems for SIEM on the market, with an all-in-one environment for threat detection, prevention, response, and containment.

With LogRhythm, business leaders can easily introduce and support powerful security operations across the entire internal and external ecosystem. You can even become more vigilant against threats as your company makes the transition to remote or hybrid work.



Probably one of the better-known SIEM options on the market today, the Splunk Enterprise SIEM is an extensive tool for gaining full visibility into your network. Splunk is an extremely flexible solution for threat detection and management, with the ability to work with any machine data, even if it’s taken from a combination of on-premises and cloud environments. 

Like many leading SIEM offerings, Splunk empowers business leaders with automated actions and workflows intended to enable a faster response to threats. Splunk has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SIEM technology for eight years so far.



Datadog SIEM is part of the Datadog cloud security platform, created to deliver easy and flexible access to threat detection and protection in scaling environments. With the innovative cloud-based SIEM from Datadog, companies can easily analyse various forms of operational and security logs in real-time, regardless of volume. The environment also supports a host of curated integrations.

Datadog’s cloud SIEM is perfect for giving security, operations teams, and developers more access to observable data, so they can accelerate the outcomes of their security investigations. Datadog has hundreds of vendor-backed integrations to explore, and a very convenient single dashboard display for all the data insights you need.