The Top 10 SD-WAN Providers to Consider (Updated)

Published on
23/05/2022 09:24 AM

SD-WAN, an advanced alternative to traditional Wide Area Network technology, provides access to a flexible virtual network architecture that is ideal for the cloud era. To fully utilize the benefits of SD-WAN, businesses need to work with leading providers.

SD-WAN companies and vendors can offer various solutions for building a new network infrastructure for the cloud. Here are some of the top SD-WAN options available in the market today.

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Juniper Networks

Juniper SD-WAN delivers powerful optimised network experiences. The environment is custom-built to simplify network operations, while simultaneously ensuring users can safeguard operations from unpredictable elements of the cloud.

The Juniper SD-WAN environment delivers resilient WAN connectivity ready to streamline operations with granular network insights and automation options. You’ll also be able to access zero trust session integrity and advanced access policies to take your privacy and safety strategies to the next level.  


A core component of the Citrix brand’s new SASE portfolio, Citrix SD-WAN allows companies to unlock all the benefits of flexible network management. The technology comes with access to dynamic routing policies and automated solutions to help ensure your application users get the best possible experience wherever they are.

Citrix SASE solutions add to the benefits of SD-WAN by building in new functionality for companies hoping to take their security strategy to the next level, with higher levels of access controls and firewalls already built into your network connections.

Prisma (by Palo Alto Networks)

Formerly CloudGenix, Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma SD-WAN is a comprehensive cloud-delivered service which provides access to fully autonomous and app-defined SD-WAN, perfect for connecting branch offices, data centers, and campus sites. The comprehensive AppFabric technology securely connects sites with application awareness and ensures teams have the freedom to control their ecosystem.

You can use any cloud and any WAN for thin branch security from the cloud innovations with Prisma SD-WAN and ensure a consistent, high-quality connection. Palo Alto also provides extensive documentation and support for business leaders to get you up and running with your new WAN technology as quickly as possible.

Huawei SD-WAN

A relatively new entrant to the SD-WAN environment, Huawei’s Business branch delivers intelligent SD-WANT technology for the cloud era. With access to an intelligent ultra-broadband on-demand connection system, and links to 5G connectivity, you can connect people to your network wherever they are, even if you’re working with a hybrid workforce.

Huawei SD-WAN also features intelligent traffic steering functionality for optimal application experiences for key cloud-based and local applications. What’s more, with intelligent O&M and unified management, companies can more easily track their connections and get the most out of their SD-WAN environment.


Powered by Viptela/IOS XE, Cisco SD-WAN is a state-of-the-art cloud-scale and highly secure architecture environment scalable and open enough to suit any business environment. What makes Cisco’s SD-WAN environment so compelling is how easy it is to control, with the Cisco vManage console where you can quickly establish an overlay fabric for your ecosystem.

Within your Cisco environment, you’ll be able to connect branches quickly and easily, data centers, colocation facilities and campuses, to improve network security, efficiency, and speed. The Cisco environment is reliable, powerful, and flexible enough for all kinds of companies.

Versa Networks

Versa Networks is an expert in offering both SD-WAN and SASE solutions, depending on the extent of your networking needs. The secure SD-WAN environment offers industry-leading performance with an extensive list of features, such as sub-second packet sneering, packet loss reduction, and poor performing link avoidance.

As an added benefit, Versa also enhances your SD-WAN ecosystem with extra security components, as well as a full mesh topology, and a DNS proxy environment complete with SD-WAN custom traffic steering. You’ll have everything you need to unlock the power of SD-WAN and discover all the benefits of an SASE architecture too.


The SD-WAN technology offered by VMWare is now available as part of the comprehensive Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) ecosystem form the brand. The cloud-first package combines all the power of SD-WAN with cloud-based gateways for simplified operations, assured application performance, and intrinsic added security measures.

VMWare users can choose from a range of security features to enhance their connections, including VNFs, stateful firewalls, and unique business policies designed to control how traffic moves through the cloud and the data centre. It’s a complete solution for companies hoping to access more in-built security services alongside their SD-WAN investment.


Celebrating a leadership position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge architecture, Aruba, a HP company, in collaboration with Silver Peak, offers a fantastic selection of SD-WAN technology options. With Aruba, companies can empower a remote workforce with secure edge-to-cloud connectivity, and access branch transformation capabilities for teams of all sizes.

The core of Aruba’s SD-WAN portfolio is the “EdgeConnect Enterprise” solution, which powers a self-driving wide area network for the future of cloud connectivity. This ecosystem promises continuous adaptation, self-healing features, and a unified central platform where you can track all network connections.


Aryaka takes a unique approach to SD-WAN technology, with all-in-one managed services capable of transforming standard SD-WAN connectivity into next-level Secure Access Service Edge technology. Aryaka’s solution has achieved the highest review from customers globally in the Voice of the Customer review by Gartner for 3 years in a row.

With a customisable approach to your connectivity needs, Aryaka will give you a complete toolkit of solutions for SD-WAN implementation and growth. Companies can access benefits like zero-touch provisioning, in-built security features, and state-of-the-art centralized control.


A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Edge infrastructure, Fortinet has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful providers of SD-WAN on the market today. Through secure solutions like “FortiGate”, Fortinet can provide business leaders with secure and reliable SD-WAN connectivity, specially designed for the era of cloud.

Fortinet’s technology delivers superior quality of experience at scale, with access to a host of advanced features like next-generation firewall protection and automated security policies. You can even access state-of-the-art self-healing functionality, deep analytics, and advanced routing with Fortinet’s constantly-updating technology.