Top 10 Metadata Management Solutions for 2020

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Metadata management solutions are the tools that deliver context and insight into data assets stored throughout the enterprise environment. A good metadata strategy makes information searchable, locatable, and easy to manage. This leads to better data governance in the business and new opportunities for enhanced analytics. 

Metadata management solutions can feature things like data catalogues, tables, and other visual tools for processing information. In a world where data is becoming increasingly essential to any company’s performance, it’s essential to ensure that you have the right metadata strategies in place.

Today, we’ve put together a selection of 10 leading metadata management solutions for 2020, to help you make the right choice. 


A leading data governance company covering everything from enterprise modeling to artificial intelligence, erwin is a pioneer in its field. The company offers a complete unified software platform that teams can use to combine enterprise architecture, data governance, business processes, and data modeling. The finished product is available as a managed service. 

With the erwin managed service, you can discover and harvest valuable information for your team. There’s also access to support for structuring and deploying data sources with connections to physical metadata to specific definitions and terms. erwin imports metadata from data integration tools, cloud-based platforms, and more. 


Smartlogic offers metadata management through a comprehensive semantic AI platform. The Semaphore platform gives companies the freedom to reveal contextual and qualified data in your network to help support enterprise initiatives like improved customer experience, records management, and contract lifecycle management. 

Semaphore supports projects for regulatory compliance, process automation, and information security in a model-driven and rule-based solution. Smartlogic also helps users to drive self-service delivery and move enterprise information searching from a keyword focus to a semantic process. This makes it easier to track data related to queries.

Alex Solutions

Taking a technology-agnostic approach to data management, Alex Solutions is a global lead in data management. The complete data catalog and governance solution aim to empower everyone to securely protect, understand, and address data needs. Alex Solution appears in both the Forrester and Gartner reports for leading metadata management tools for 2019.

Alex Solutions is dedicated to policy-driven data quality that combines data lineage with machine learning-based tagging and data profiling to provide better results. Alex also offers state-of-the-art, tagging strategies to help businesses add context to physical data assets. All that, and deploying the solution is straightforward too.


Octopai helps companies to get smarter about the way that they manage their data, with unprecedented visibility into the full business and data flow. This cross-platform solution gives you a complete overview of your BI landscape, with an easy-to-use and install solution. You can easily search for reports and references to view data insights in seconds.

Octopai provides support for metadata scanning by automatically gathering information from all of your tools. Additionally, with this technology, companies can store and manage their information in a comprehensive central repository. 


Infogix promises companies business-ready data that they can trust. By delivering the kind of immersive data that you can rely on, Infogix gives you everything you need to improve customer experience, business compliance, and more. The Infogix suite of integrated data governance solutions includes data catalogs, business glossaries, and metadata management.

The complete tool also comes with a customisation friendly selection of dashboards and no-code workflows. These tools can adapt to suit the needs of your business as your organisational data requirements mature and evolve. Today’s companies rely on Infogix for risk management and compliance in multiple industries. 


Collibra is a data intelligence company committed to making your business information more meaningful. Named a leader in the metadata management arena by Gartner, Collibra helps you to democratize access, and automate workflows within your data pipelines.

The Collibra data dictionary documents the metadata throughout the enterprise and describes how employees and processes use that information. By collecting these useful insights, the service can demonstrate the structure of various data components, and act as a searchable repository for compliance purposes.

Users can also use Collibra to document responsibilities and roles when figuring out who should have permissions regarding certain data. 

ASG Technologies

A company committed to supporting brands in digital transformation, ASG Technologies helps data leaders to accelerate the decision-making process through data democratisation. Whether you need help complying with privacy regulations, or you want to gain more insights into your data lakes, ASG Technologies can help.

The advanced data platform can discover information across more than 220 traditional and big data environments. There’s access to automated data tagging and pattern matching.

Plus, business leaders can access a variety of powerful metrics. Automated business lineage also allows users to better understand data, and there are governance capabilities included for tracing data in the business environment.


Alation data catalog is an all-in-one repository for your enterprise data strategy. One of the industry’s leading data catalog options, the AI-driven platform for search, discovery, and data stewardship, serves thousands of businesses. Alation achieved the Leadership position in the IDC MarketScape report for worldwide data catalog solutions.

The complete repository provides a single and accurate point of reference for data dictionaries and business glossaries. Alation can monitor and profile data to ensure the highest data accuracy. Additionally, Alation can also offer insights on how people create and share information pulled from their raw data lakes. 


IBM is one of the best-known names in the data world for a reason. The company has everything that the modern business needs to encourage a powerful data transformation. The IBM InfoSphere Information server delivers incredible access to a robust metadata repository. Here, companies can store metadata from internal and external tools and databases.

Users have the option to import and share data to the repository from a variety of sources. There’s also the option to export metadata via various methods too. Transferring metadata between test, design, and production repositories is a quick and straightforward process with IBM. Any changes made in your repository automatically sync across the suite. 


A leader in the metadata management space, Informatica allows enterprises to access four main categories of data. The platform includes technical data, mapping and code, database schemas, and business governance processes. There’s also support for operational and infrastructure information and usage data too.

Informatica helps companies to understand their data and figure out where different details came from in the process lifecycle. By pulling together insights from multiple data sources, Informatica creates knowledge graphs of your data assets. What’s more, the technology shows you the relationships between these assets with AI and machine learning.