Top 10 Incident Response Vendors in 2022

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Few things are more important in today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape than the right security strategy. Companies need not only the right tools in place to minimise and mitigate attacks, but also a robust plan for responding to possible disruptions and breaches. 

Incident response vendors are leading technology companies capable of helping companies recover from unexpected security issues. The best companies can help to track the source of a problem or threat, and assist business leaders in recovering lost assets. Incident response tools can also help with remediation, removing damaged files and threats from an ecosystem. 

Here are just some of the top incident response vendors currently delivering services to today’s business leaders. 


A market leader in cyber security, Cynet helps lean security teams to access powerful, end-to-end tools for reducing and managing threats. The company offers a huge portfolio of software solutions to businesses of all sizes, including automatic threat detection tools. The Cynet Incident Response portfolio also includes access to 24/7 MDR services. This means business leaders can leverage the assistance of an outsourced team to hunt for and respond to threats in real-time. 

Cynet’s easy-to-use ecosystem and robust automations simplify threat discover and reduce manual investigation times. The company also offers one of the widest selections of remediation actions on the market for the removal of all kinds of threats. 



The SHQ “Response Platform” is a comprehensive incident management and analytics environment, where businesses can get to the bottom of potential attacks and threats. SecurityHQ has a strong reputation as one of the top managed security service providers worldwide, with an analytics platform powered by leading tools like IBM QRadar. 

With SecurityHQ, business leaders gain access to a clean and easy-to-follow dashboard where they can track incidents in real-time, and examine potential attacks detected over a set period. The dashboard can automatically calculate the threat level of an attack on your behalf, to help guide you towards the issues you need to give the most attention to. There’s also a team of security analysts available to help you with any complicated problems too. 



A well-known company in the communications and business security landscape, Verizon offers dedicated incident response services to all kinds of companies. The company provides access to a rapid response retainer to help organisations mitigate risk, augment their cybersecurity personnel, and keep costs low. There’s also an incident response planning system, and a platform for diving into the data behind cyber attacks and breaches. 

Where Verizon really shines is in its ability to deliver expertise and analyst services to companies who don’t have their own cyber security team. You can gain post incident response from a team of global experts, to help define the extent of a breach, and reduce disruption. 



Leaders in all-things cybersecurity, SecureWorks provides companies with a wide portfolio of intelligence-driven solutions for minimising risks. The company is a top-level provider of threat intelligence tools, with everything organisations need to detect, prevent, and rapidly respond to cyber attacks across a diverse environment. 

The SecureWorks incident response services help companies both respond to and prepare for cyber incidents. You can get assistance dealing with everything from ransomware to malware and botnet attacks. The SecureWorks ecosystem also takes advantage of machine learning and analytics, so companies can get a better view into how their attack surface is increasing or evolving over time. You can even get custom reports for shareholders.


BAE Systems

BAE Systems is a company offering expert emergency solutions for businesses facing security threats. The Incident Response services offered by the company ensure companies can access expertise and technical skill on an ad-hoc basis, to limit the disruption caused by attacks. The teams use state-of-the-art tools to create insightful reports, and discover ways of overcoming attack issues. 

BAE systems is one of the founding members of the NSCC certified incident response team, and they have high level certifications proving their skills when it comes to serving government entities too. The custom and bespoke services you can access from BAE systems are excellent for dealing with sensitive high-priority breaches and attacks.



Another market leader with a strong reputation in the security landscape, CrowdStrike is an award-winning company with a fantastic range of incident response services. The Incident response team at CrowdStrike works hand-in-hand with organisations to handle common security incidents, and resolve cyber attack issues. 

The company specialises in a host of threat and data management solutions, including intellectual property theft remediation, financial motivated crime, destructive attacks, and data breaches. CrowdStrike promises a tailored approach to each individual business, combining speed and efficiency, with machine learning and artificial intelligence.



Ideal for automating and simplifying your incident response strategy, IBM’s IR services are tailored to suit the needs of any business. Companies can work with IBM to minimise the impact of data breaches and security issues, by implementing monitoring and analytics policies ahead of time. You can also leverage IBM’s state-of-the-art automation to improve incident response times. 

IBM’s end-to-end solution includes access to state-of-the-art technology, and managed threat detection and response services offered at the pace that suits your business. You can also access incredible threat intelligence services from IBM’s team of dedicated industry analysts. 



Offering a combination of incident response services and digital forensics, Trustwave is a dedicated cybersecurity partner for any growing business. Working with Trustwave means gaining access to a team of professionals who leverage the latest tools and feature sets to get to the bottom of any attack or data breach. The services also include systems to prepare businesses for taking attackers to court with litigation-ready reports when necessary. 

Thanks to a 24x7 global response system, Trustwave is an excellent choice for companies who need rapid and emergency assistance when dealing with security attacks. The company offers tools and services to help you recover quickly from the most common cyber threats.



Mandiant is a market leader in incident response and cyber security services. The company delivers technology and expert assistance to businesses dealing with intellectual property theft, financial crime, destructive attacks, and insider threats. There are crisis management services, which include consultations for public relations and disclosure concerns.

Mandiant can also help with dedicated researching and reverse engineering, for IT teams struggling to get to the bottom of an attack issue. Mandiant has dedicated incident response experts distributed across 30 countries worldwide, with first-hand local knowledge of various geographies. Plus, you can access 24/7 incidence response coverage and monitoring.



One of the leading technology analysts and innovators in the world today, Deloitte offers a host of tools and services to businesses of all sizes. One of the services offered by the company is a comprehensive cyber incident response strategy, which provides organisations with everything they need to track and mitigate threats. 

The specialist team at Deloitte helps companies to design and develop the ultimate incident response program for their needs, with strategy, procedures, and organisation methods. What’s more, the same professionals can assist with responding to attacks, helping to prioritize which issues to monitor first, and how to get your business back on track after a threat.