The Top 10 DBaaS Solutions for 2022


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In today’s cloud-focused world, the “as a service” ecosystem is more popular than ever. Offering scalable and agile access to crucial technologies, as-a-service solutions can change the way we consume essential tools in the business landscape.

DBaaS, or “Database as a Service” solutions offer convenient access to cloud-based data management and storage tools hosted by external vendors. These companies allow you to outsource the responsibility for deploying, managing, configuring, and updating your database to a third-party, so you can minimise the work and pressure on your IT teams.

As the volume of data we deal with on a daily basis continues to increase, DBaaS solutions offer a scalable and user-friendly solution for growth. The question is, which DBaaS offering is best for your company in 2022?


Amazon DynamoDB

The Amazon DynamoDB database is one of the most popular services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) today. This flexible and fast NoSQL database service ensures single-digit millisecond performance at an exceptional scape, with 25GB of storage available for free. 

Amazon’s solution provides an SLA of up to 99.999% availability for piece of mind, and allows companies to deliver apps with a consistent exceptional performance, as well as almost unlimited throughput and storage. You can also integrate the database environment with other AWS services to perform analytics, monitor traffic trends and extract insights in the same place.


Oracle Database

Oracle has a comprehensive range of database solutions to offer in 2022, all offering cost-optimised, high-performance solutions for database access. The Oracle Autonomous database, available in the cloud, or on premise, allows companies to simplify their relational database environments and minimise management workloads. 

Oracle’s database technology was recognised as a leader by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for cloud database management in 2021, scoring the highest in all use cases for the year. Studies have shown the ecosystem can deliver up to 417% ROI, guard against common data breaches, and offer companies the flexibility to deploy their environment wherever and whenever they choose.


Datastax (Astra DB)

With Change Data Capture (CDC) for Astra DB, you can now derive real-time value from your Astra DB data source. From strengthening data recovery solutions to easily building real-time data pipelines, CDC for Astra DB can help enterprises in many ways.

This offers the chance for businesses to implement infinite scalability, as well as connect their whole ecosystem.



One of the better-known DBaaS solutions on the market today, the SAP HANA environment provides modern companies with comprehensive access to an intelligent tool for rapid growth and transformation. The SAP Hana in-memory database can manage transactional and analytical workloads with any data type instantly, for quick decision making through the cloud.

With SAP HANA, companies can unlock all the fully-managed multi-cloud environment capabilities they need, complete with state-of-the-art security, privacy, and anonymisation built-in. You’ll have full access to connected and distributed data, and advanced data tiering capabilities to manage cost, performance, and storage demands. 



YugabyteDB uniquely combines enterprise-grade relational database capabilities with the horizontal scalability and resilience of cloud native architectures. 

It champions horizontal scalability, as well as geographical distribution and security.



Another popular pick for DBaaS technology from a leading technology company, the IBM Db2 database was named a leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Gartner’s list of Cloud Database Management Systems. The environment is fully powered by AI and built to enable deeper insights. It’s also available to access anywhere via the IBM Cloud Pak for Data environment.

With IBM Db2, companies of all sizes can modernize data management, accelerate data exploration, and enhance productivity with containerised microservices, all without increasing costs. IBM gives business leaders more freedom to get the most out of their data, with a choice of deployment options to choose from, and powerful security built-in.


MongoDB Atlas

One of the ultimate cloud-native DBaaS solutions available today, MongoDB is available via AWS, Azure, and the Google Cloud, to suit a wide range of business needs. The Atlas environment is always on and durable, with self-healing clustered created from a selection of geographically distributed instances to ensure there’s never a single point of failure. 

As an added bonus, the MongoDB environment is secure from the start, with instances deployed through a Virtual Private Cloud, with IP whitelisting and VPC peering, always-on authentication, encryption at rest and in-transit and more. You’ll also be able to scale as much as you like, with fully automated and elastic provisioning.


Azure SQL Database

The Azure SQL Database created by Microsoft as part of the Azure SQL family provides a comprehensive cloud environment for growing companies. With this technology, companies can quickly and easily build apps capable of scaling with the pace of their business, while leveraging managed SQL through the cloud. 

The up-to-date relational database automatically scales to suit your changing requirements, while maintaining a high level of availability. The Azure technology also comes with a host of protection layers built-in, including intelligent threat detection and full access controls to keep your data secure. With built-in AI, you’ll be able to get the most from your data in no time.



Introducing countless companies to the future of no-code application building and data management, Caspio transforms the way you interact with information in a digital world. The environment allows for unlimited app users, and comprehensive access control, to help ensure the continued compliance and security of your business operations. 

Powerful and scalable, the Caspio ecosystem comes with an integrated online database, visual app builder and unlimited user model all piled into one, so companies can achieve more of their goals in the same convenient environment. There’s even access to specialist services to help you build more applications from the data you collect.


Google Cloud Firestone

One of the top cloud database solutions offered by a major cloud company, Google Cloud Firestone is a flexible, scalable database built for server, mobile, and web development. Designed via a collaboration between Google Cloud and Firebase, the solution works similarly to the Firebase Realtime database, keeping your data in sync across multiple apps for all users. 

The flexible environment supports a host of hierarchal data structures, and offers access to expressive querying for retrieving documents and data, as well as intelligent updates. The technology is designed to scale, making the most of the Google cloud architecture to take your business as far as it can go.