Top 10 AIOps Platforms for 2022


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The top AIOps platforms in the world today all strive to achieve the same crucial goal. These tools empower IT Operations teams to make intelligent decisions, leverage the power of artificial intelligence, and unlock new opportunities. With AIOps, it’s possible to eliminate data silos, improve platform use monitoring, and access incredible analytics.

How to Choose the Best AIOps Tools?

However, as the data landscape continues to grow at an incredible pace, the number of AIOps vendors available to choose from is growing with equal speed. With a number of potential vendors to choose from, the question is, how do you choose the right platform for your needs?

Top 10 AIOps Platforms

Here’s your guide to the top 10 AIOps platforms for this year, and why they’re worth considering.


Designed to redefine ITOps as we know it today, Digitate is a powerful platform for the AIOps landscape. With Digitate, business leaders can unlock the benefits of autonomous IT operations, for improved business outcomes, superior customer experience, greater agility, and enhanced resilience.

With the Digitate “Ignio” system, companies receive an in-depth and unified view of multi-cloud and hybrid environments, perfect for connecting business functions to infrastructure and applications. The ecosystem can also continuously learn and improve, delivering better support and visibility all the time. If you’re looking for sensational visibility and intelligence mixed into one platform, Digitate and the ignio AIOps could be just the thing.


Built to bring the power of advanced analytics, machine learning and AI to any business, CloudFabrix ensures companies can future-proof their technology solutions. If you’ve ever wanted to get more out of your existing tools and IT environment with the power of AI and data management, CloudFabrix can help you to achieve your goals.

The all-in-one solution allows users to map, correlate, and reduce numerous events and alerts into convenient actionable incidents. You can diagnose and resolve incidents at speed with automation, and even proactively monitor situations, outcomes, and anomalies to prevent failures. On average, companies access a 90% reduction in false alerts, and 50% more optimized environment for infrastructure and operations.


Datadog is currently one of the top AIOps solution providers on the market today, trusted by a host of leading companies around the world. The easy-to-use and rapidly-scaling ecosystem allows businesses to manage scaling environments quickly and effectively as they evolve. The built-in machine learning capabilities minimise the complexities of monitoring and managing your environments, so you can cover more ground fast.

Datadog comes with valuable features built-in, including anomaly detection, predictive forecasting, automatic metric correlation, and outlier detection. These all ensures engineers can rely on machine learning to intelligent monitor objects while cutting through excess noise.


One of the more advanced event correlation and automation platforms powered by AIOps in the landscape today, Big Panda conveniently collects monitoring and observability data from technologies and tools. You can also collect change data, topology data and more, and orchestrate your insights into a convenient open hub. 

The flexible ecosystem makes it quick and simple to reduce costs for IT operations, improve availability, and enhance performance with ML heuristics. You can even access valuable automation capabilities to ensure you’re getting the most out of your team. Automated incident responses ensure you can respond quickly when issues occur too.


The “Davis” solution from Dynatrace is a powerful AI solution built to intelligent search for problems in your ecosystem and provide direct insights into their root cause. This intelligent performance monitoring platform supports APM, cloud and infrastructure monitoring, digital experience morning, and in-depth automations for your entire team.

The comprehensive platform offered by Dynatrace doesn’t just give you insights into what’s happening within your ecosystem, it can also provide recommended actions for how to follow-up. You can also access intelligent AI-powered business analytics to help you make better choices for your company in the future.


Part of the Cisco ecosystem, AppDynamics offers a powerful selection of tools for innovators in the business landscape looking to take advantage of disruptive tools. The AIOps ecosystem from AppDynamics is an IT operations and AP analytics solutions ready to support both on-premises and cloud-based environment. The service has been named a leader in the Magic Quadrant for APMs for a number of years.

With full-stack observability, companies can use AppDynamics to unlock a comprehensive view of business health, user experience, infrastructure, app performance, security, and network management, all from one convenient unified platform. This product also allows you to build custom reports, looking at the metrics most important to your brand.


Splunk invites business leaders to modernize IT management with the power of an end-to-end AIOps solution. The Splunk platform offers a cutting-edge environment where teams can unlock predictive management, end-to-end service monitoring, and comprehensive visibility across a range of hybrid cloud environments. You can access powerful capabilities within this platform, including 360-degree visibility of your entire stack, and predictive analytics.

Machine learning tools and AI insights prevent incidents from impacting customers, by allowing you to pinpoint problems long before they happen. Plus, you get an integrated solution for alerting, event management, and incident response built-in.


LogicMonitor’s impressive AIOps platform supports businesses in discovering incidents before they have an opportunity to cause business disruptions. This means engineers and specialists can spend less time troubleshooting issues, and more time innovating. The AIOps ecosystem provides machine learning and AI capabilities to provide context into discoveries, meaningful alerts, and pattern recognition, all in a convenient environment.

With LogicMonitor, companies can easily recognise the potential warning signs and symptoms of issues, such as patterns or anomalies in the ecosystem. This ensures you can make changes faster to protect your uptime and your users. There’s even support for automated responses to common issues.


Designed to help companies ensure continuous availability with automated collaboration, correlation, and noise reduction throughout your incident workflow, Moogsoft has a lot to offer. The Moogsoft platform is brimming with ways for companies to enrich their data, and instantly discover anomalies, so they can stop problems before they happen.

Moogsoft’s advanced technology automatically helps you to find the root cause of problems, and ensures you only get alerts for the incidents that matter most. There are also in-built solutions for cleaning and enriching data, so you can dive deeper into the context behind problems, and potentially prevent them from happening again.

IBM Instana

The Instana APM solution is now a core component of IBM’s comprehensive AIOps portfolio, and has won a number of awards in recent years. The technology was even named a 2021 Gartner Peer Insights “Customer’s Choice” for APM. This intelligent solution is designed specifically for microservices and cloud native applications, and can automate the discovery of common root problems in various environments, fast.

The IBM solution comes with powerful automation capabilities, and the ability to connect multiple private, public, and hybrid cloud environments into one platform. With automated root cause analysis and optimized data availability and performance, IBM Instana has it all.