Top 10 Customer Journey Mapping Tools for 2024

Published on
23/02/2024 11:13 AM
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Businesses today are constantly striving to provide customer experiences that resonate with their target audience.

But to achieve this goal, they need to know what their customers want. They also need to understand the journey their customers take to buy their product so they can design and deliver positive experiences that drive loyalty and lead to conversions. 

That’s where customer journey mapping tools can help. 

What are customer journey mapping tools?

Customer journey mapping tools are software that helps businesses visualize, analyze, and optimize the path customers take from initial awareness to purchase. They do this by providing a visual representation of every stage of the customer journey, whether it be the first time a customer becomes aware of the brand or the time they...


Used by over 5,000 companies, including SAP and Zoom, Totango is one of the better-known customer journey mapping solutions in the world today. The platform comes packed full of all-in-one toolkits to help you better understand the customer journey and plan for customer success. Totango has templates for everything from onboarding and adoption support to customer engagement and digital experience. 

Not only can you get a better view of the customer journey with Totango’s help, but you can also build a strategy for how you’re going to improve the experience with revenue growth strategies, customer-personalised marketing, and more. This makes it easy to understand what makes your users tick, leading to a better customer experience and ultimately more conversions. 


Gliffy is a web-based visualisation tool and editor, created to help companies build and edit diagrams about the customer journey. Though a little basic for highly technical visualisation, Gliffy can be ideal if you want to give your employees a better view of how your customers interact with your business. Building Mapping exercises and templates is easy, helping your team build empathy for customers or users and effectively solve problems or improve their experience. 

You can share the content with anyone in your team, collaborate and comment on diagrams, and even integrate your tool with various other tools to help you build more accurate customer journey diagrams. To help visualize customer journeys and share them with your team, Gliffy is worth looking at. 


A platform designed to gather data from different environments in various feedback channels, InMoment helps you to get a more complete view of your customers wherever they are. Named a leader in the Customer Feedback Management section for the Forrester Wave, InMoment is an innovative tool for experience improvement. 

The platform doesn’t just look at one channel; it brings multiple avenues together to give you a more comprehensive view of the customer journey. Journey mapping solutions come with access to engagement level tracking too, so you can see how customers feel about certain parts of interacting with your platform.

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