Top 10 Cloud Migration Tools for 2023

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Cloud migration tools

As more and more organisations recognise the benefits of moving their workloads to the cloud, cloud migration has become a critical step in their digital transformation journey. 

A recent study by Netwrix determined that, on average, companies have moved 41% of their on-prem workloads to the cloud and plan to reach the 54% mark by the end of 2023. 

With cloud adoption accelerating, demand for robust cloud migration tools to streamline simplify and optimise the migration process is exploding. But not all of these tools are made the same. 

In this article, we’re exploring ten of the best cloud migration tools in 2023 to help organisations migrate their data, applications, and workloads to the cloud seamlessly.

Help Desk Migration 

We kick off our list with Help Desk Migration, a no-code cloud migration tool designed to help you move your help desk data to a new system quickly and securely. It supports over 300 popular help desk systems, including Zendesk, Freshservice, Freshdesk, Jira Service Management, and more. The tool is also designed to be easy to use for even non-technical users, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to select the data you want to migrate and map it to the new system.

Help Desk Migration can be used to migrate data between any two help desk systems, regardless of the cloud platform they are hosted on. It also supports incremental migrations, so you can start using the new system before all of your data has been migrated. It is also one of the most affordable cloud migration tools on this list, especially when compared to the cost of hiring a professional migration service.


Movebot is the next-generation cloud data migration tool that offers lightning-fast, simple and cost-effective cloud storage migrations. Fully cloud-hosted and managed, its intuitive web interface makes self-managing your migration easy and our automated platform takes care of the heavy lifting.

With Movebot, there is no need to manage or run infrastructure or pay a per-user license. The platform maintains and manages the entire infrastructure automatically, saving you time, resources, and money. It also automates file sanitisation, flagging and solving conflicts during the migration, ensuring the data is migrated correctly.


Cloudsfer provides a range of self or professional migration services for migrating users, copying file storage, cloud sync service and backing up your files anywhere. With Cloudsfer, you can move your data to over 20 different cloud storages with one easy-to-use migration platform. This could be migrated to Microsoft 365, OneDrive FTP, Box Dropbox, Azure blob S3, or even GSuite migration Meanwhile, through the platform’s multi-user Migration solution, you can transfer multiple users in a few quick steps. Using Cloudsfer you can transfer cloud to cloud (e.g. Dropbox to Google Drive) data including security, permissions, metadata and filter out unneeded files.

Cloudsfer enables you to transfer data from your File System and from various ECM systems and integrates over 20 cloud storage providers at your fingertips. Using the platform’s SharePoint migration tool – Tzunami Deployer – allows you to also transfer data from older Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams and more. 


Whether you're migrating from an on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environment, StarfishETL handles your migration from start to finish so you don’t have to. The platform offers full-service integrations and migrations, providing a vast library of more than 300 applications that allows you to move data seamlessly with security and structure, even if it’s hosted on-prem.

StarfishETL’s Cloud Cartographer is also based on a visual interface that makes it easy to perform field-to-field mapping, create data transformations, control projects and workflows, test your migration, and manage your data project on your terms.

Google Cloud Migration Center 

Google’s Cloud Migration Center is a centralised hub for migration and modernisation, providing all the necessary tools, resources, and best practices to help enterprises navigate their migration journey with confidence.

The Google Cloud Migration Center automatically analyses workloads, dependencies, and performance metrics, giving you valuable insights to assess the readiness of your workloads for migration, identify potential challenges, and develop effective migration strategies. It also applies application compatibility analysis and testing to identify required modifications to carry out your migration to the Google Cloud successfully. This helps you mitigate risks, reduce potential disruptions, and ensure seamless application performance post-migration.


From planning and designing a cloud migration strategy to streamlining the process, the Dynatrace platform measures and ensures the success of all your cloud migration projects. Its cloud migration software tracks and manages every stage of the process, performing application assessments to create a better cloud environment that matches your business requirements. It also minimises performance degradation and ensures optimal performance throughout each migration cycle with granular before-and-after performance data.

If observability challenges do occur, the platform boasts a powerful Causal AI that can identify the root cause of issues allowing teams to pro-actively identify and resolve issues before they impact customers, as well as an integrated automation engine to automatically discover all microservices and to automatically take action when issues arise. 


Matillion removes the pain and time costs of pipeline creation by making it easier to connect and move data between your sources and cloud platforms. With Millions Data Productivity Cloud, you connect to any data source, load into your preferred cloud data platform, and make your data accessible to your entire organization, from any device.

Specifically designed for cloud data warehouses, Matillion’s software is the only ETL solution that integrates with Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure Synapse, Snowflake and Google BigQuery. Its broader number of integrations makes the most of its many benefits, allowing you to perform powerful transformations on data before feeding it into your preferred business intelligence tools, including the likes of Tableau, Looker and Power BI.


ShareGate is an out-of-the-box management solution for your migrations and everyday Teams and SharePoint operations. The platform’s easy-to-use migration tool packs a powerful set of features that make big migration projects easy. You can migrate to Microsoft 365, move channels in Teams, merge tenants and get everything you need for a successful migration plus unlimited support from the ShareGate team. 

With the Sharegate Migrate planner, you can move channels from one team to another, or migrate entire teams from another tenant in just a few clicks. You can then copy the entire plan – plans, buckets, tasks, attachments, members, assignments, views, and comments included – or choose to leave some objects like comments behind. Once moved everything over, you can verify your migration after the move, fix any issues fast, and then continue to pivot with organisational changes.

Azure Migrate

Our runner-up spot goes to Azure Migrate, Microsoft’s cloud migration tool that helps you monitor the discovery, evaluation, and migration of on-premworkloads and data to the Azure environment with the help of a centralised portal. The platform can help you discover and assess their on-premises workloads, plan their migration and then execute it. Once the migration is complete, it can also help you optimise workloads after they have been migrated to Azure. This includes everything from identifying opportunities to improving the performance and cost-effectiveness of the migrated workloads.

Unlike many other entries on this list, Azure is free to use for Azure customers for the first 30 days and then is charged on a pay-as-you-go basis. It’s also incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, even for organisations with limited cloud migration experience.

AWS Migration Hub

A cloud titan in itself, AWS offers a range of purpose-built features to help you move to the cloud. All of these features are pre-built into the AWS Migration Hub – a central location to collect server and application inventory data for the assessment, planning, and tracking of migrations to AWS...With predefined workflow templates, THIS hub allows you can easily create a migration workflow, customise your workflow per your specific needs, automate the migration steps, and track the migration progress from start to finish in one place. 

The AWS Migration hub also discovers applications to determine whether they can be migrated and review modernisation strategy recommendations You can also automate many of the manual tasks involved in migrating large-scale enterprise applications to AWS and managing dependencies between different tools. This makes migration to AWS a breeze.