Top 10 Business Analytics Platforms in 2021

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Analytics has rapidly emerged as a crucial consideration for businesses of all sizes. To make the right decisions about your company and its growth, you need to be able to gather, analyse, and leverage data. A business analytics solution, or “Business Intelligence” (BI) service, offers an easy way to mine data for actionable insights. 

Now that companies are collecting data on every aspect of their operations, from sales and marketing to productivity and customer experience, effective analytics is more valuable than ever. The question for today’s business leaders is 'How do I choose the right analytics service for my organisation?' Today, we’re going to be assessing the functionality of some of the market leading business analytics solutions on the market to help you make the right decision.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft is one of the market leaders in the technology landscape for a variety of reasons. The software giant’s approach to business analytics and intelligence is extremely impressive, perfect for companies who want an end-to-end view of their company. With Microsoft Power BI, you can collect and share valuable information about your company, running your software as entirely web-based portal solution, or in the cloud. 

There’s a generous free trial to get you started, and you can connect to hundreds of different data sources to create your insights, including Oracle, Facebook, Sybase, and Microsoft applications. BI also has a powerful community of people to help you take advantage of the service. 



One of the world’s leaders in business analytics, Tableau was previously known as Einstein Analytics, offered by Salesforce. This state-of-the-art analytics system benefits from fantastic ease of use, a vast and friendly community, and a convenient integrated platform which you can deploy on-premises, in the cloud, or even integrate natively with your Salesforce CRM.

Tableau is one of the world’s most trusted leaders in analytics technology, making it easier for businesses to connect all their information in one place. You can access visual tools for reporting, and explore various AI and machine learning solutions within your Salesforce environment too. If you already use Salesforce within your customer experience strategy, Tableau could be the ideal product for you. 

Dundas BI

Designed to help organisations crush their analytics goals, Dundas BI is a comprehensive system for data visualisation and company growth. You can create visual dashboards and score cards that make your company’s journey easier to understand, and the convenient web-based interface is extremely easy to use. There are separate offerings depending on whether you’re a software vendor or a mid-to-large enterprise, so you can get the system that suits you.

The Dundas technology comes with things like point-and-click trend analysis, natural language query capabilities, API development access, and more. If you’re looking for a flexible and scalable system for business intelligence, this could be it. 

Zoho Analytics

Designed by a company that knows its way around web-based tools for business, Zoho Analytics is a self-service data analytics and BI service. This state-of-the-art solution helps companies to analyse their data, create visualisations, and unlock hidden insights everywhere. Regularly listed among one of the top data visualisation tools for business professionals, Zoho Analytics is robust and easy to use.

Through this service, companies can access information from a wide variety of files, including databases, URL feeds, and Microsoft Office documents alike. The simple online interface is a breeze to use. Zoho has earned the trust of some of the leading brands in the world, including Suzuki, Hyundai, and LaLiga. 


Sisense is another leading business analytics solution that appeals to companies of all sizes. Already, brands like NASDAQ, Wix and HP use Sisense to unlock data insights. The unique thing about this offering is that it’s the only API-first cloud technology that’s committed to helping companies to connect their data and create their own analytics app. You can unlock all the flexibility of a self-service analytics platform that helps you to make better long-term decisions. 

Ranked as one of the top providers of excellent customer service and support, Sisense is committed to making sure that you get the best possible results. You can even choose if you want to run your solution on premises or in the cloud. 

TIBCO Spotfire

Recently updated with a wide selection of new features, TIBCO Spotfire is an analytics solution that’s powered by artificial intelligence. This self-service data visualisation and analytics platform makes it easy to understand and leverage the information that your company collects each day. The solution comes with a comprehensive machine-learning solution that helps you to prepare your data, as well as plenty of support for building data models. 

Ready to deploy across multiple industries, TIBCO Spotfire aims to be the most immersive analytics solution on the market. You can find a multitude of ways to unlock new data discoveries and opportunities with this highly customisable system. 


Chosen as a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for analytics and BI platforms, Qlik is a tough company to beat. Qlik is a comprehensive data analytics and business intelligence offering for companies of all sizes. Driven by a desire to make the world more data-literate, Qlik aims to make it easier to leverage the information collected in your business every day. With this comprehensive service, you can turn raw data into actionable insights, build a data-driven culture, and even move data at scale. 

Qlik helps companies to close the gap between data, insight, and action, so companies can engage in agile strategies for long-term growth. Currently, more than 50,000 customers use Qlik, including brands like Deloitte, the NHS, and PayPal. 

SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics comes from one of the leading technology brands in the world. Designed to provide everyone in your team with more access to powerful insights and trend information, SAS visual analytics opens the door to interactive reporting. This self-service visual analytics system comes with excellent governance capabilities, exceptional scalability, and an easy-to-use interactive dashboard for your team. 

Through SAS Visual Analytics, you can present data and results in the most engaging way for your colleagues and shareholders. There’s access to automated suggestions for data development, sentiment analysis, and even an SDK for web applications. 

Oracle Analytics Cloud

One of the leading companies in the world of database solutions, Oracle delivers business analytics via the Oracle Analytics Cloud. Promising one of the most comprehensive analytics solutions on the market, the Analytics Cloud ensures that you have a complete unified platform to track insights. The self-service solution comes with a host of visualisation tools to help you share useful insights, as well as enterprise reporting capabilities, advanced analytics and more. 

To ensure that you can align your data from all points in your business, the Analytics Cloud comes with an extensible, open framework. This platform also supports more than 50 data sources as standard. For companies in need of a comprehensive, and collaborative platform, the Oracle Analytics Cloud is fantastic. 

IBM Cognos Analytics

Another leading technology company taking full advantage of AI technology, the IBM Cognos Analytics system makes business insights smarter. This all-in-one platform supports the entire analytics cycle, from discovery through to operations. You can visualise, analyse, and share actionable insights about your company with anyone in your company. 

Cognos is available to deploy in a range of formats, whether you’re keen to leverage the public or private cloud, stay on-premise, or try the IBM Cloud Pak. With comprehensive AI built-in, Cognos will interpret your data for you, and offer suggestions in plain language you can understand.