Top 10 SD-WAN Providers to Explore (Updated)

Published on
10/05/2021 12:16 PM
Top 10 SD-WAN Providers to Explore

As companies become increasingly digital, the need for SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is growing. SD-WAN technology helps manage the distribution of data over a wide network.

SD-WAN allows for connecting branches of a company regardless of how large the business grows. It also enables dynamic adjustments to communication stack based on changes in conditions and demand, resulting in increased reliability. To fully benefit from SD-WAN, companies need to work with the right vendor.

Here are some of the most reputable and popular SD-WAN providers to consider in 2021 and the services they offer.



Citrix SD-WAN

Promising an SD-WAN solution that simplifies digital transformation, Citrix is a market leader in networking. One of the largest providers of virtualisation software in the world, Citrix delivers fantastic experiences for companies through the cloud. The service comes from a cloud-based platform and it manages all the traffic from cloud resources and client business sites. You can also implement QoS prioritisation too. 

There are plenty of benefits to explore within the Citrix service, including failover procedures that reroute your traffic automatically when a network fault appears. Citrix SD-WAN is also available as an appliance or cloud-resident virtual appliance for your team to use in-house.

Velocloud SD-WAN

Velocloud (owned by VMWare), provides SD-WAN technology to enterprises in search of scalability and growth. The simple and flexible environment encourages network agility, application creation, simple branch implementation and more. You can also use this technology to optimize access to cloud applications and data centres. 

Velocloud offers different flavours of SD-WAN depending on the needs of your business. You can get a full kit for an enterprise environment or a solution specifically designed for extra-large companies with thousands of branches and connections around the world. The experience adapts to suit you, increases network uptime, and supports Unified Communications.



Aryaka Networks SD-WAN

A global solution from a leading managed service provider, Aryaka Network’s SD-WAN offering is a remote-based system in the cloud that doesn’t require the installation of any network management software or complex appliances. You can connect to the Aryaka network through VPNs, and thanks to excellent back-end hosting, there’s no need to hire engineers and technicians. 

Aryaka’s SaaS approach to SD-WAN makes it quick and easy to replace or augment your MPLS solution. Within this service, companies get global connectivity, a 99.999% reliability SLA, guaranteed throughput, real-time visibility, and single day deployment for new technology.

SilverPeak Unity EdgeConnect

SilverPeak Unity EdgeConnect is a component of a suite of products created to support networks and business IT. Offering state-of-the-art SD-WAN technology, SilverPeak has its own edge-based service, so you can handle more tasks with this solution than the majority of alternative SD-WAN options. Other features include a firewall and an optimizer for WAN connections. 

SilverPeak can create various WAN overlays and unlock specific streams for time-critical and crucial traffic. You can also monitor your connection quality and stability with SilverPeak, so you’re aware when anything goes wrong with your connection.



Versa SD-WAN

Versa Networks SD-WAN is a secure modern network designed specifically for managed service providers. You can access your technology in the cloud, on-premises or as a combination of the two. The innovative technology connects enterprise branches, as well as remote workers. As a multi-tenanted service, MSPs can easily request sub accounts for clients. 

Versa has a huge selection of network products to offer and they’re experts in getting new systems up and running. According to Versa Networks, using the Versa software solutions leads to a 50% reduction in annual costs and five times fewer branch devices, as well as 20 times faster site deployment and 66x increased bandwidth.

Cisco Meraki SD-WAN

One of the better-known companies in the communications landscape, the Cisco Meraki branch is the portion of Cisco committed to delivering cloud services to companies. Offering quick, simple, and smart connectivity options, Cisco Meraki benefits from leading equipment and technology. Users can tap into some of the most secure and resilient solutions on the market. 

Aside from being secure, Cisco Meraki also comes with the added advantage of a fantastic straightforward interface, which is easy for any kind of business to use. All you need to do is install VPN client software and you’re ready to go.



Palo Alto SD-WAN

Leaders in the 2020 Magic Quadrant for WAN edge infrastructure, Palo Alto Networks offer SD-WAN through their service “Prisma”. The offering, which allows companies to simplify management, enables app-defined policies for SD-WAN, and delivers secure, cloud-based connections, promising to be the next generation in WAN technology. Aside from excellent control and connection options, users will also have access to machine learning and automation. 

Prisma promises an average of around 243% ROI for companies moving from MPLS to SD-WAN, according to reports from Forrester. The cloud solution also overcomes legacy SD-WAN limitations, with autonomous, app-defined solutions that eliminate network problems and increase bandwidth.


Lumen SD-WAN

One of the market leaders in connectivity, Lumen (previously CenturyLink), delivers SD-WAN as part of an all-in-one platform for Network control. Lumen was designed to support companies in the age of the 4th industrial revolution, where brands are becoming increasingly reliant on data and technology. The all-in-one platform environment supports everything from quality management to global network connections and security. 

You can use Lumen to access new levels of cloud performance, unlock edge computing, and even experiment with the latest evolutions in adaptive networking, which allows you to turn your bandwidth up on demand when peaks occur. 



Cato Cloud

Providing SD-WAN support as part of the full Cato Cloud SASE solution, Cato Networks is brimming with functionality. This global converged cloud-native service securely connects all data centres, branches, people, and clouds in a single environment. Cato can be deployed gradually to augment legacy networks, or it can be a solution for completely replacing old technology. 

The Cato SASE cloud runs on a private global infrastructure, which contains more than 65 PoPs linked by SLA-backed network providers for extra peace of mind. The end-to-end route optimization and reliability of Cato cloud makes it an appealing choice for all kinds of companies.

Oracle SD-WAN

Oracle is one of the better-known companies in the technology landscape. With the Oracle SD-WAN, you can enjoy all the benefits of exceptional quality of service and reliability in a multi-cloud environment. Oracle’s service can conveniently link cloud services used by clients to LAN technology. The SD-WAN environment solves the IT challenges that modern network managers face every day. 

Oracle SD-WAN promises unmatched levels of security, reliability, quality of experience, and incredible flexibility. You won’t have to worry about sluggish applications and network issues with the high availability of this global system. Plus, you can safely migrate applications into the public cloud and SaaS at a pace that suits you.