Security Systems for Businesses Have Entered Paranoia Mode

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Antivirus software, and indeed all security systems for businesses, have existed since around 1971 to address some of the potentially devastating effects unwanted adversaries could cause to our systems. The current threat landscape has hugely shifted over the last few years with the increase of hybrid work.

According to the BCC, more than half of all organisations recognise that exposure to attacks has increased since their employees have started to work from home instead of from the office. This has led to new demands for antivirus providers and security systems for businesses. They now have to match new expectations, and these expectations are fully justified - hybrid does create serious security challenges. 

In this podcast, Peter Stelzhammer, Co-Founder of AV-Comparatives, runs us through:

  • How security systems for businesses are entering paranoia mode 
  • How the current threat landscape is influencing business attitudes
  • The effectiveness of antivirus tests.

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