Creating an E-Signature Security Sphere

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Creating an e-signature security system is one of the key steps organisations can take towards building a robust and secure workplace, but it doesn't come without issues. Organisations value the use of e-signatures purely because of their efficiency, and case studies have proved to us how useful they can truly be. The government of Vermont, for instance, reduced contract approval times by a staggering 75% in 2012, which only serves as a testament to how vital a technology it is.

The Dangers in Creating an E-Signature Space

However e-signatures frequently get tampered with and fraudulent activity is able to take place if your organisation has not taken the necessary steps needed to protecting itself. This can be combatted with the use of blockchain technology and AI, and if you aren't already creating an e-signature system with security in mind, it might be time to start installing one. 

In this EM360 podcast, Mo Sahib, CEO at Borderless Security, and Max Kurton from EM360 dive into the top considerations organisations need to take into account when creating an e-signature backed process. These include:

  • Voice recognition technology
  • User verification
  • Multiple language OCR
  • NFC TAG signatures
  • And much more


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