High End Tech Won't Fix Your Bad Data


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You can have the greatest tech in the world but if you only have bad data, you're effectively flogging a dead horse. We might hear people say that data is their biggest asset and that data is the only way to make informed decisions but this data is very often pulled from various different locations that are impossible to track.

You have a statistic that says that 65% of people in your target market are looking for better customer support, but where did that number come from? When was this study conducted and what was the sample size? The reality is that without a strong data strategy, you will inevitable have bad data, and bad data is of no use to anyone. 

We recently did a podcast on how c-suite executives often rely on gut based decision making, which brings up an interesting discussion point: why do they not trust their data? According to Syniti, only 5% of c-suite executive trust their enterprise data. If they recognise they have bad data, what steps can they take to improve their data strategy?

Bad Data, Bad Decisions

In this podcast, we explore some of the key themes that are holding companies back from implementing a strong data strategy. Kevin Campbell, CEO of Syniti, reveals that only 23% have implemented a consistent and policy-aligned data strategy at scale across their organisations, but he also details the steps you need to take. 

With facts, figures and high quality resources at hand, this podcast proves to be an essential guide for anyone who is currently dealing with the everlasting headache of bad data. After all, you might have the most expensive crane and forklifts on the market but if you are building a house made of sand, you should expect it to fall apart by the morning.


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