Using AI for Cybersecurity Solutions

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While AI is now beginning to be used in every industry (to the point in which it is now being regarded as a buzzword), few organisations are reaping the benefits of using AI for cybersecurity. The COVID-19 disaster urged on a second pandemic, dubbed by many as the 'cybersecurity pandemic', leading to an influx of new solutions. 

The worrying thing is that despite the huge increase of cybersecurity solutions and the technological breakthroughs that we have seen within the last few years, adoption has been slow. This means that while new solutions have arrived, adversaries are improving their abilities at a faster rate than organisations have been able to keep up with. In fact, over ⅓ of endpoints deployed in the UK currently have no security agent installed and 70% of businesses report that they cannot ensure that every endpoint has the same level of protection.

In this podcast, Brooks Wallace, VP EMEA at Deep Instinct, discusses the reasons why adversarial AI poses a risk to companies using legacy systems and the top considerations to take into account in 2022. AI for cybersecurity is no longer a pipedream - it's the reality of some of the most robust organisations in the industry.

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