Conducting a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Published on
01/12/2021 11:28 AM

With the increase of cyber threats globally since the pandemic, conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment for your business is more important ever. Making your organisation compliant with cybersecurity measures is essential in the modern day but did you know that only 60% of organisations have a comprehensive cyber insurance policy to protect them from financial losses in the case of a cyber attack? 

This number only becomes more concerning with the added fact that hospitality services are actually the most at risk. According to Arctic Wolf, "the hospitality industry has the lowest adoption rate of all industries surveyed with just 35% of respondents from this vertical claiming to have a comprehensive cyber insurance policy."

It asks the question, has the hospitality sector conducted a thorough cybersecurity risk assessment? Are they prepared for threats along the way and what is their backup plan if all else fails? The risk is simply too high to gamble on, particularly given the amount of customer information, revenue and credentials that can easily be exploited if so much as one threat penetrates their defenses. 

Joining us in this podcast is Ian McShane, Field CTO at Arctic Wolf. Ian talks us through:

  • Vulnerability management
  • How to conduct a cybersecurity risk assessment
  • The current stability of various industries in relation to cybersecurity

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