Masergy unveils enterprise technology predictions for 2019

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A new report from Masergy details a number of predictions for enterprise technology in 2019. According to the Gartner Magic Quadrant "Visionary," today's enterprises face a "rapidly advancing IT landscape and immense pressure to stay ahead of the pace of transformation."

In order to operate at a similar speed, executives must become highly-aware of rapidly changing trends. This includes understanding emerging technologies, foreseeing new trends, and imagining where IT innovation will take enterprises in 2019.

IT Predictions

In the report, Masergy thought leaders Mike Stute, Jay Barbour, Paul Ruelas, and Dean Manzoori offer a number of IT predictions. First and foremost, the group foresee a continued convergence of networking and security.

Zero Trust strategies will gain traction as they align network micro-segmentation and security monitoring. In addition, many CIOs and CISOs are reportedly working to create a symbiotic IT strategy.

Customers are also demanding better convergence. CIOs and CISOs therefore need better visibility and access with "unified dashboards that permeate the entire global IT environment."

Security Predictions

Supply chain security risks will become more apparent, while mitigation challenges will be more daunting. The threat of maliciously implanted hardware and software has also become more challenging.

Overall, the industry has struggled to "define the scope and challenges of mitigating these risks." As visibility increases, Masergy expects more supply chain compromises to surface - but there will be a distinct lack of "quick fixes."

Considering the frequency and severity of today's data breaches, class action lawsuits could test the due diligence of security practices. As a result, consumers may "bear much of the pain and clean-up costs of identity theft."

Cloud Communications Predictions

In 2019, Team Collaboration applications "will come to the forefront as the centrepiece of Unified Communications offerings." Embedded into cloud communication platforms, virtual project workspaces will become more widespread.

In addition to this, more organisations will realise the potential of integration platform as a service (iPass) solutions. As a result, more employees will become "empowered to automate the enterprise," so that innovation can thrive.

Real-time voice recognition capabilities and advanced analytics engines are integral when it comes to enhancing customer experience. Predictive customer service will therefore become more relevant as enterprises begin to capitalise on cloud contact centres.

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