Xcitium Webinar: True Zero Trust for Endpoint Security


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Xcitium zero trust webinar

The concept of zero trust can be traced back to the early days of computing when security was focused on protecting physical perimeters. 

But as networks become more interconnected and cloud computing takes over operations, it has become clear that traditional perimeter-based security models are no longer enough.

On December 7th the network and IT security company Xcitium will discuss what “Zero Trust” means today. Their exclusive webinar – True Zero Trust for Endpoint Security – will delve into the core principles involved in building a true Zero Trust framework for endpoint security and how Xcitium can enable your organisation to adopt this framework. 

The webinar will touch on: 

  • What Zero Trust means to Xcitium compared to other providers.
  • What many Zero Trust providers lack when it comes to fully securing endpoints. 
  • How Xcitium’s patented ZeroDwell Containment technology is the only solution on the market that can provide true Zero Trust security.

On December 14th, Terry Stuart, VP of Pre-Sales Engineering and Professional Services at Xcitium will also be showing Xcitium’s Endpoint security in action. You’ll get to see exactly how Xcitium's ZeroDwell containment technology works to protect your endpoints from cyber threats.

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xcitium zero trust endpoint secuirty

Xcitium is used by more than 3,000 organizational customers & partners around the globe. Founded with one simple goal – to put an end to cyber breaches, Xcitium’s patented ‘ZeroDwell Containment technology uses Kernel API Virtualization to isolate and remove threats like zero-day malware & ransomware before they cause any damage.

 ZeroDwell is the cornerstone of Xcitium’s endpoint suite which includes advanced endpoint protection (AEP), endpoint detection & response (EDR), and managed detection & response (MDR). Since its inception, Xcitium has had a zero-breach track record when fully configured.

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