What We’ve Learned in 2023 Part 4: End-User & Manager Education in a Hybrid World

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IMCCA 2023 Year End Wrap Podcast #4: End-User & Manager Education in a Hybrid World

As we come close to the end of 2023 it is good to look-back and better understand what has happened and how it may or may not have changed our realities for the future.  The IMCCA is producing a series of podcasts to do just that for the Unified Communication and Collaboration industry.

If you’ve not yet heard of the IMCCA (www.imcca.org) The Interactive Multimedia and Collaborative Communications Association is the non-profit industry association that represents the premier firms in Unified Communications and Collaboration.  They are resolved to strengthen and grow the overall UC&C industry by providing thought leadership and impartial information and education.

The fourth episode in this series of five is on the education of end-users and people managers in a hybrid world.  Take fifteen minutes out of your day to hear what the premier firms in UC – and some of the industry’s lead analysts – think you should know about the future office and what we’ve learned about it this year. Click here to view.


We will release a new episode in the series every Thursday until all five are out. 


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