Harbr 5.0: Revolutionising Data Sharing for the Modern Enterprise

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Harbr 5.0 released

The data sharing and commerce firm Harbr has announced its highly-anticipated platform Habr 5.0 – the latest evolution of its platform for data sharing, collaboration and distribution. 

The release, set for November 2nd, brings a host of advanced sharing features to Harbr, including flexible and secure cloud workspaces, pre-configured for specific use cases such as data quality, data matching, model development and execution, analytics, and more.

It also adds a powerful new AI feature that empowers non-technical users to perform sophisticated analysis with simple natural language prompts, making it easy for users of skill levels and experience to gain actionable insights from their data, providing flexibility

“These new capabilities help us fulfil our original mission: to make it easy for any user to find any data, across any boundary, thereby reducing time to value and unlocking innovation,” said Anthony Cosgrove, co-founder of Harbr.

“Having delivered award-winning data commerce experiences at scale for companies like Moody’s Analytics and CoreLogic, our platform has now evolved to support general data sharing and collaboration with a level of flexibility not available on other platforms.”

‘A major leap forward’

Designed to meet the evolving needs of data owners and producers at large enterprises, Harbr 5.0 offers powerful capabilities that transform how organisations and users get value from data.

It provides users with complete flexibility around format, location, and method of data delivery, overcoming the constraints that typically obstruct data initiatives. 

"Harbr 5.0 represents a major leap forward for data sharing,” said Leo Spiegel, chief executive offer of Harbr. “Chief Data Officers and data leaders at large enterprises are grappling with increasingly complex and costly data ecosystems.”

“Harbr 5.0 is our response to their needs, offering a comprehensive and scalable solution that simplifies data sharing, enhances governance, and empowers data-driven decision-making like never before.”

Harbr 5.0 be unveiled tomorrow in a special launch event to mark the occasion. The event will delve deep into how the platform represents the future of data sharing and will give a sneak peek into some of its exciting new features. 

Some of the key capabilities of the platform include: 

  • Data Lakes. Harbr gives organisations the flexibility to manage their data ecosystems according to the data and use case. Access and utilize data from various sources and platforms, including cloud services, on-premises storage, desktop, or even create your own private data lake. Harbr 5.0 provides flexible connectors that facilitate seamless data reading, writing, copying, and distribution, regardless of the data source or location.
  • Marketplaces. Harbr’s data marketplaces offer a curated and user-friendly experience for discovering, evaluating, accessing, and distributing data. Data producers can securely share data and data products with anyone inside or outside their organization. For data consumers, finding the right data has never been easier, thanks to search, filters, categories, and recommenders built into the platform.
  • Workspaces. Harbr’s on-demand workspaces, available in pre-configured or customizable instances, enable a range of data experiences, covering data quality, model development, and data analytics use cases. Industry-standard tools, including Superset, RStudio, JupyterLab, SQL Lab, and Trino are available in Harbr’s workspaces.
  • Governance. Harbr makes it easy to Invite and manage organizations, set permissions, and enforce access rights seamlessly. Run multiple operating models concurrently, whether you’re managing an internal data marketplace, an external data hub, or engaging in data commerce. 

To learn more about Harbr 5.0 and its features, join the launch event on November 2nd.

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