Elon restores Blue Tick Verification after Major Backlash!

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28/04/2023 02:35 PM
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Twitter has reversed its verification policy once more, reinstating the "blue tick" for free to prominent users of the social network.

However, the site's decision to reinstate the "verified" status without distinguishing between paid-for and free users has resulted in false advertising accusations, because the boilerplate disclaimer for those users incorrectly describes their status as being granted "because they are subscribed to Twitter Blue."

The social network stopped its old verification method on Friday, April 20, a date reportedly chosen due of its significance in cannabis culture, and in the process removed the blue checkmark that signified a real account from all "legacy" members.

So, what is the 'Blue Tick'?

Prior to Elon Musk's acquisition of the platform, the blue tick was a free symbol of verification provided by Twitter.

It was created as an authentication method to assist prevent the spread of false accounts and misinformation.

It is now a symbol that an account has subscribed to Twitter Blue, a premium service, and there is a verification process associated with making the payment. The price varies depending on where the subscription is purchased, but it is usually approximately $8 per month.

Twitter Blue:

Twitter Blue is a subscription service that users can opt-in to and pay for. By doing so, they gain access to additional features including the highly coveted Blue checkmark. However, before being awarded the verification badge, a review is conducted to ensure the account meets the necessary eligibility criteria.

Apart from the Blue checkmark, Twitter Blue subscribers can also enjoy an improved version of the platform. For instance, they can edit original or quote Tweets for up to 30 minutes after posting them, a feature that many users have requested in the past.

The backlash continued...

Celebrities had responded to losing their blue ticks on Twitter after CEO Elon Musk removed verified badges from notable accounts.

Some of Twitter's most popular accounts that previously lost their official status, including Cristiana Ronaldo, Justin Bieber, and Lady Gaga.

Despite losing their Twitter verification, some celebrities are using the opportunity to make jokes. Reports have also surfaced claiming that Elon Musk has been "personally paying" to ensure that certain high-profile users retain their blue ticks.

In a humorous tweet, radio presenter Greg James quipped, "I may have lost my blue tick, but at least my rocket didn't up. Who's the real loser now?"

However, Musk caused controversy as he later confirmed that he was “paying” for some celebrities’ blue ticks himself.

Elon revealed that he was paying for King, actor William Shatner, and basketball player LeBron James.


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