Unleash the Power of Unstructured Data with Datadobi's StorageMAP 6.6

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Storagemap 6.6 datadobi

Datadobi has today announced the latest iteration of its StorageMAP platform, which adds a host of new features to help users manage unstructured data at scale. 

StorageMAP 6.6 adds important enhancements that provide customers and channel partners with an even more powerful solution for analyzing, securing, and taking automated actions on all types of unstructured data at a massive scale.

The platform can now analyze object data stored on any S3-compliant platform, offering users a complete view of their unstructured data, including both File (SMB and NFS) and Object (S3) data. This allows users to manage and migrate their data seamlessly, enabling object storage and migrations all within a single platform. 

Users can now also search for files based on specific metadata criteria and copy those files to a file or object target. For example, they can easily copy files from a file server to a data lake for normalization and aggregation prior to copying (or moving) training datasets to apps for analytics and/or AI processing. 

"StorageMAP has always been the most powerful and scalable platform for managing the complexities of unstructured data. With the 6.6 release, Datadobi is raising the bar yet again by bringing analytics and automation to petabyte-scale for the first time,” said Carl D'Halluin, CTO at Datadobi

“No other solution on the market comes close to providing this level of visibility, control, and insights across such massive datasets. StorageMAP 6.6 quite simply enables data-driven transformation at a scale previously unimaginable, cementing Datadobi's leadership in solving the biggest data challenges facing global enterprises."

The power of StorageMAP 6.6

Offering deeper insights and enhanced data handling capabilities, StorageMAP 6.6 helps businesses leverage their unstructured data for competitive differentiation. It transforms data from being a cost centre into a profit-generating competitive advantage.

The platform also addresses the challenge of limited visibility into unstructured data by providing groundbreaking object and file analytics. This deep visibility allows organizations to understand and manage their vast unstructured data assets more effectively.

Many businesses struggle to manage the massive scale of their unstructured data, often measured in petabytes and billions of files. StorageMAP 6.6 offers a comprehensive user interface that empowers users to gain insights and take action on data at this enormous scale, overcoming scalability challenges.

It also provides analytics, organization, and data handling capabilities that were previously unattainable at such a scale. This enables channel partners and end clients to optimize costs and reduce risks, ensuring more efficient and cost-effective data handling.

“As a longtime strategic partner of Datadobi, we've seen firsthand how StorageMAP streamlines data management for customers,” said Kim Stevens, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Climb Channel Solutions.

“The latest release takes this to the next level by offering a single pane of glass for managing file and object data at a scale few can comprehend. This will be a game-changer for customers grappling with exponential unstructured data growth. With StorageMAP, they can maximize the value of their data and drive advanced business initiatives such as those powered by analytics-driven insights, machine learning, and AI.”

To learn more about StorageMAP, please visit: https://datadobi.com/solutions/.

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