Safe Software’s FME:23 Event: A New Era in Spatial Data Integration

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Safe Software’s FME:23 rebrand launch will mark the beginning of a new era for Safe Software as well as provide a glimpse into the upcoming FME release. 

The free virtual event will take place on Thursday, April 13 2023, from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EST, featuring talks from Co-founders Don Murray and Dale Lutz about the company’s product vision and new identity. 

It will also showcase the powerful new features of FME:23, placing the spotlight on success stories that demonstrate how FME can revolutionise data management and transform businesses for the better.

There will also be details about product innovations and future development, as well as a live Q&A panel with FME experts. 

Safe Software is a key player in enterprise spatial data integration and has helped many global organizations maximise the value of their data. The company offers FME and an enterprise integration platform with comprehensive support for spatial data. 

FME helps organisations connect data and applications across systems, streamline operations with automated workflows, and deliver speed to insights. Safe Software serves customers in diverse industries, including Government, Utilities, Energy, AEC, Telecom, and Transportation.

It is anticipated that over 1,000 people will join the event virtually, ready to hear the company’s unique story and vision for the future of FME. 

Here is a rundown of everything you can expect from this informative event: 

  • The Keynote: Co-Founders of Safe Software, Don and Dale share Safe Software’s product vision and direction.
  • A new New Era: Witness Safe Software’s rebrand in a first-ever external debut.
  • Success Story: Hear from the City of Burnaby on how FME can revolutionise the way you work with data and transform the enterprise.
  • Product Innovation: A glimpse into the latest and greatest of the spring release of FME, and how they serve your business needs.
  • Live Q&A panel: Meet FME experts and ask any questions about the upcoming release.

Take advantage of this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and discover the latest innovations with FME. 

Register today for this free virtual event and join Safe Software to learn about the tech sector’s hidden gem as it launches into a new era that brings data to life!