Vertica: Advanced Analytics is the Future of Data

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Advanced analytics is the next step for organisations that want to be at the cutting edge of data analysis. For decades, organisations have been generating reports, primarily documenting 'What happened?' or 'What is happening?'. Essentially, it was once solely about descriptive analytics reporting, until some decided to take it to the next level with diagnostic analytics - i.e. looking at why things happen. Fast forward to more recent years and the evolution of technologies like data lake and warehouse have led to explosive growth in data volume, velocity, and variety and increased the demand for organisations to garner greater insights from data. This is how advanced analytics was born. 

Advanced analytics: the next stage in data evolution

On this podcast, Susan Walsh, Founder and MD of The Classification Guru, joins Jack Lambert, Technical Partnerships Manager at Jaguar TCS Racing. and Mark Whalley, Manager at Vertica. The trio of data experts shed light on the use cases of advanced analytics through the lens of Vertica’s technology partnership with Jaguar TCS Racing. From looking at the current state of the industry to analysing the technical implementation of software into an organisation, you can expect a deep dive into the advanced analytics methods and tools driving the future of data.


  • How Vertica is using advanced analytics to help businesses accelerate their data analysis 
  • The birth, journey, and growth of the technology partnership between Vertica and Jaguar TCS Racing 
  • Top tips on how to implement advanced analytics 

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